Another Worse Ever Vatican Massive Sex Abuse Cover-up

For many centuries, pedophilia has often been an “upper class perversity”. Most of the time, where there is money, there is also debauchery and degeneracy. By degeneracy it is meant moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles.

Though it is equally true that “easy money” has always fueled prostitution and child sex abuse. So all of this means that pedophilia has spread insidiously to the lower classes over time because of an increase of demand vs supply. The monetization of Life is at the heart of this sordid state of affair.

Since money buys power and also silence, this evil has been brewing for a very long time. It can no longer be contained now and it is a good thing of course, the confrontation is inevitable.

However adding to the injury, is that memories can be stored in the DNA. Yes, you read well: memories’ pass between generations. And this means, that even if one never has been molested, one still could suffer from some sort of trauma that could turn one into a potential pedophile. Many pedophiles, with apparently a happy childhood, assert that were born “like that”. Well, how enlightening!

Epigenetics is a field gaining more and more credibility, even though geneticist-pioneers (like Bruce Lipton) were often ridiculed or bashed for speaking of those concepts. Biology is on its way to merge with parapsychology because everything is the result of energy fields. A Life Force. A future blog will address the fascinating topic.

But back to the subject matter of this blog, the explosion of pedophilia worldwide is the consequence of direct experiences and memories that have shaped cultures. When pedophilia is involved, there is no culture better than any another one. And the fact that it is “traded” and “covered-up by people of influence” makes it even a lot worse.

Anneke Lucas, survivor of child sex trafficking in Belgium, sold to a murderous and wealthy pedophile network at age 6. Children were the most valued commodity, she states.

Today pedophilia is a world pandemic, and until we quit empowering the top down structure facilitating cover-ups and the commerce of Life, child sex trafficking and abuses will continue their upward trends.

A society that does not protect its children is a society with no future.

Manly P. Hall – Animals and the Cosmic Order | Every misuse of Life is a blaspheme and heresy. Every living thing is supported by the Divine Power….there cant be no sin in which there is no recognition of good and evil…. the Animals is not governed by vice and virtue, it is governed by an immutable law of its own kind. Therefore an animal cannot sin. But man with the right of choice, the right of discretion, the right to differentiation, as Thomas Aquinas pointed out, is responsible for his own actions…. and man is the only creature that we know that is aware of this Life, aware of the use and abuse of that Life. (available on YT

Vatican covered up sex abuse by 300 ‘predator priests,’ 1000s of victims possible – Penn. grand jury | 14 Aug, 2018 18

‘Authorities in Pennsylvania have released a redacted version of a grand jury report accusing over 300 ‘predator priests’ of sex abuse and the Roman Catholic Church of covering it up for decades.

The 900-plus-page report was made public on Tuesday by Attorney General Josh Shapiro, whose predecessor empaneled the grand jury in 2016 to look into allegations of child molestation and other sexual abuse.

The main thing was not to help children, but to avoid scandal,” says the report. “Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing: They hid it all.” …….

Several diocesan administrators, including the bishops, often dissuaded victims from reporting abuse to police, pressured law enforcement to terminate or avoid an investigation or conducted their own deficient, biased investigation without reporting crimes against children to the proper authorities,” says the report…. MORE:

The investigation, the broadest inquiry into church sex abuse in U.S. history, identified 1,000 children who were victims, but reported that there probably are thousands more.



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