Beyond Dystopia: Do They ALSO Control The “Soul Grid”?

Anybody who has walked down a few “rabbit holes” has happened to wonder how far this planetary control goes, and for how long has the latter existed? If you have done so, by now you also figured out that it is a true battle between “good vs evil”.

The controllers operate at a metaphysical level, and tamper with the immutable Laws of Creation, which are the framework of all good designed for us to understand the secrets of Creation, and more importantly to refrain ourselves from attempting to control them. Our only choice is to collaborate with them

a : to interfere so as to weaken or change for the worse
b : to try foolish or dangerous experiments
c : to render something harmful or dangerous by altering its structure or composition (merriam-webster)

Because the Laws have positive and negative side effects embedded in itself. If keeping the side effects secret, allows one to have the upper hand.

From there it thus becomes just more than plausible, since they interfere with the Cosmic Laws, that they also are able manipulate the “Soul Grid” by preventing us from overcoming the lessons in the current life (or incarnation) , hence forcing us to be reborn in a similar dsytopian world to which that we left at the moment of death. And paradoxically, it works both ways as the soul, willfully, chooses to be given another chance.

The Universe is pure energy, and this means that at that level of control, they are non-physical entities. The individuals representing them in our 3D, may just have been assigned to implement the slavery system — or are incarnations used by them directly.

As a matter of fact, we cannot get rid of evil but decline to invite “it” in our homes and on our planet. Free will is all about that. People who think they can follow the “spur of the moment” as they see fit (what we are taught by the system), are not free humans.

The notions of Karma and Reincarnation are as old as humanity, and we should start paying attention to the latter very closely. Because we have been trapped into this slavery system for millennia. How does it come that it is so ancient? So the answer has to be metaphysical too. Right?

The failure of not seeing the big picture has kept humanity checkmate for much too long and it is time to end Humanity’s Karma. The great upside though, is that we now have enough metaphysical evidence to cripple their “slavery grid system” — and break free!

Manly P. Hall – Do We Chose Our Lives Before We Are Born?


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