The Voluntaryism Versus Capitalism Debate

In a capitalist system demand is everything to create growth and jobs, so the dynamics is to restlessly keep spending and becomes increasingly structurally violent due to competition. The system is essentially neurotic. Monopolies are the inherent finalization of collusion as a direct cause of profit seeking. The government embodies monopolies.

Molyneux at 37:45mns tries to justify capitalism by citing the example of cell phones, which cost almost 1,000 dollars when the very first versions came out, and comparing to their prices today. What Joseph does not speak about is our beyond staggering e-waste (not to mention the problems caused by coltan and cobalt mining killing millions of people in Africa in guerrilla wars), as a result to become addicted to cheap electronics.

@ 44:15mns: Molybeux seems to say that one only has to get rid of the government to trade voluntarily. The fact is that everything/anybody can be bought. It is just a matter of time and price. So there is nothing voluntary when money is involved.

A voluntaryist society prioritizes education, ecology and health and regards poverty as the worse form of violence. The state alone is not the the cause #1 of violence, but any top down model. Hence any top down model is psychopathic essentially.

Man’s interaction with Nature must be which of a collaboration. Exactly why man was given the dominion over the animal kingdom. Man is not an animal, because unlike animals he can think very far ahead. In a monetary environment the more he allows himself to plan ahead, the more conflicts of interests will arise as projections develop, and the more coercive tactics will have to be set into motion to attain the goals. And this means that any speculation and trade are intrinsically coercive.

Molyneux, of course sticks to “voluntary trade” and “non initiation of force”… but as expounded above, he chooses to dismiss the mechanisms of the market shaping the top down model.

Earth Custodians regard Molyneux’s argument as typical denial of the real inner working of the markets and the inability to accept that capitalism only works on paper. Capitalism is not in sync with the true nature of man, because man as explained, is not animal. For him, collaboration and sharing knowledge with his fellow humans, ensures prosperity and abundance.

Voluntaryism represents the merging of philosophy, metaphysics and economics

Peter Joseph and Stefan Molyneux “Debate” Sept. 23rd 2013


Peter Joseph on Stefan Molyneux: “The Art of Nonsense” | Pathology or Con-Artistry?

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