Dystopian “Meat Surplus”: 2.5 billions of Pounds of Meat Are Piling Up in Warehouses

One cannot make that up: 2.5 billions pound of meat, yet the article asserts that this amount is a mere 8% increase from the previous year, but what was the surplus amount of last year exactly? Let’s be serious: 2.5 billions of pounds is beyond staggering.

Considering the madness and irrationality of competition, if they do not talk about previous surpluses, sorry this sounds kind of fishy as you may guess. They already resist acknowledging publicly that 1,800 gallons of water goes into one pound of (factory farmed) meat according to vice.com. The meat industry wastes our precious water to sustain the unsustainable. Earth Custodians assume that the situation is pretty ugly and jaw dropping behind the scenes. It even seems like the meat surplus of previous years is kept hidden as it is impossible to find any data about it.

The more a system balanced is the less waste it has. And Earth Custodians call 2+ billion lbs worth of meat “waste” because eventually they will have to be sold for peanuts or destroyed to prevent the meat prices from plummeting , and causing a “meat crash”. Right?

Earth Custodians believe that meat producers will rather destroy their meat surplus to save their own “feedlot operations”, the same way as they did when they decided to slaughter 500,000 dairy cows to keep the milk price high. They actually may already do it. It would not be surprising. And further, what are the electric costs to keep all that meat frozen. It has to amount to $10s of 1000s daily… paid by farm subsidies?

What is the conclusion? Profit seeking has literally damaged everything we can think of, and unless we begin to eat consciously and scientifically, nothing will change!

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Over 2.5 billion pounds of meat is being stored in US warehouses primarily due to trade disputes with top exporters, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday……. The Journal reports that the 2.5 billion pounds of meat in storage is 8 percent more than the previous year and just shy of a record. (JULY 23, 2018) https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-07-23/25-billion-pound-meat-glut-could-lead-biggest-correction-years

The Dystopian Price Of Not Living Consciously And The Love Of Truth

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