The Dystopian Price Of Not Living Consciously And The Love Of Truth

The nature of Reality is both amazing but also scary at once because perceptions determine the meaning we give It. Though perceptions are what they are, mere perceptions. Because every individual is unique, perception levels are different. Though we should not trust our own subjectivity if rejecting the fact that perceptions are fractals of a much bigger picture. The shocks to the system are inherently linked to that very rejection and it is the first thing elementary school students should be taught about society to plant the seeds of peaceful behaviors.

Amazing because when awakened one inherently envisions the limitless of the human potential and pursuits enlightenment, the quest for the Truth. Kinda scary because not seeking to become awakened to the world affairs and Natural Laws brings about various dire karmic lessons.

Anybody not taking the mainstream for granted and who has done some homework, will have to conclude that we do have today enough data to comprehend the root causes of the world afflictions. The Truth is literally hiding in plain sight. There is no reason anymore to even hope fixing the flaws of a system that cannot be fixed.

Of course “those in the know” are perfectly aware of the above because their knowledge of Reality is superior to which of the many. And because they master Reality, they can control it. Materialism is their favorite tool to achieve this . The controllers know that only Objective Reality is what matters, is all there is.

The metaphysical commands the material world. And the material world is a reflection of the way we interpret the metaphysical. The more human sufferings and environmental pillage, the more we get it wrong.

The idea of “necessary evil” is the result of a pervasive darwinian mindset that led us to the brink. For example: people are fond of fast fashion which is cheap while neglecting the fact that the industry is one of the worst world polluters and generates insane profits from slave labor. How long can this last? So the right move is to quit our mindless materialistic habits and begin investigating Reality’s inner workings.

As long as people keep the focus on their individual “bubble of perceptions and own sense of security”, they will remain at the mercy of Objective Reality. The karma of ignorance always fuels more coercive measures since people also ask for more regulations to fix what cannot be fixed. However we can spend our time probing financial collusion, but at the end of the day, a conscious individual conclusion is still required. An action will follow as soon as a critical mass has come to the same conclusions. Hence the importance to spread the word.

Living consciously is definitely challenging because it implies personal responsibility for all that is: the good and the ugly. And the ugly is obviously taking over exponentially and silently. If, for example, people want to eat meat twice a day, on a grand scale eventually we will run into an obstacle. Not only because we will begin to inflict animals great sufferings (linked to mass production vs profits) but also be making ourselves sick by acidifying our bodies with all this meat intake. Even growing avocados is now a problem, because to grow 2.5lbs worth of avocados requires 500 gallons of water. Another example is that of sugar, which is found in 75% of produces at any supermarket while the sugar-cancer was established in 1920 already. Overfishing is also an outrageous issue since we not only cause scarcity but also kill millions of marine animals caught in massive nets in the process. This video presentation below is a very good overview.:

No matter how we look at the picture, Nature is merely penalizing overeating and a lack of scientific knowledge to set the guidelines for healthy diets. Monetarism is destroying our environment and has now reached another nefarious turn as child sex, human and organ trafficking are beyond appalling.

There is not enough money to resolve these issues as profit seeking, selfishness an self-indulgence are the prime cause. So, yes not living consciously has a tremendous price tag down the road, and moving forward, only the Love of Life should guide our steps out of this giant mess, and set into motion a long overdue paradigm shift.

Manly P. Hall – How Karma Works @49:30mns: … we try to get further by the love of Truth as we try to understand it. The moment our emotions are warm, kindly and friendly, we recognize the inevitable tie between all living things. When this begins to sink in our consciousness, we find that Love takes the place of Law in many things. But Love is the fulfillment of Law, not an escape from it. If the Love is real, the Law will not be broken. If the Love is unreal the Law will be broken and the Love will fail (available on youtube)


Suicide is A GLOBAL Health Epidemic


Until a critical mass is reached (30% of population) donations via patreon, to help spread the word, are welcome.

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