On The Electric Universe And Discovering the Mind Of The Creator

Most people tend to endorse “atheistic premises” because the word “religion” is onto itself an extremely sensitive topic that has been used to divide and conquer. These atheistic premises refer to Darwinism and Evolution mainly.

Science and religious beliefs must be kept far apart from one another.

That very status quo also plays right into hands of the top 1%, because people will be even more holding onto their own belief system and focus on the differences . The divide has only gotten more acute over the centuries as a result. There lies the tremendous success of monetarism… it keeps the divide alive and financing it to no end. And not only economically but on all existential planes. All of them. Because money affects just everything.

Terence McKenna: we invented money which is kind of a multi-transformable drug. It stands for everything, everything you have ever wanted, then you become addicted to money.

The practical move toward a money-free society will remain fragile if not supported by metaphysics, the merging of materialism and spirituality. Mainly because it is impossible to move beyond our current conflicts if the mindset does not change. Doing things that one loves doing, and as long as coercion is not involved, will always benefit the whole.

But here comes the real subject matter of this blog: the mainstream scientists are beginning to scratch their heads as the “anything goes years” are about to hit them back like a boomerang. Nothing seems to be working that well anymore. Of course we will not hear about it on TV just yet, but a shake-up is definitely taking place as the two links below indicate.

Mainstream Science Quietly Confesses That It Must Rethink The Entire Universe (!!!)

40% Scientists Say Fraud Causing Crisis of Science — Can Science Be Saved?

The good news now is that some have made a drastic U-Turn already and are looking into Geometry as the last resort. Of course, this is the right move. Science not validated by Sacred Geometry will sooner or later appear as a distraction or a fraud anyway. In biology for example, we may assume that one just can force atoms to interact. If the latter do not show specific Sacred Patterns, these atoms will never be compatible with their environment, this because Nature has Her own Sacred Geometric Code within.

Actually, the Electric Universe theory is apparently connecting the so many dots and will pave the demise of mainstream physics. This is really good news… the merging of science and metaphysics is on its way!!!

The Proton-Electron Atom — A Proposal for a Structured Atomic Model | EU2017
Edwin Kaal presented a new model for the atom based upon the principles of densest packing, balancing of electrostatic forces, symmetry, and the stable geometry of Platonic solids.


“Nature’s great book is written in mathematical symbols.” — Galileo

A shape could describe the cosmos and all it contains. One of the mysteries of the universe is why it should speak the language of mathematics. Numbers and the relationships between them are, after all, just abstract reasoning. Yet mathematics has shown itself to be particularly adept at describing both the contents of the universe and the forces that act on them. Now comes a paper which argues that one branch of the subject—geometry—could form the basis of all the laws of physics. Physicists…have long sought a “theory of everything”……..

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. It is the architecture of the universe on which the design of everything is based — from galaxies to our own bodies, cell division, snowflakes, beehives, sea shells, flowers, pine cones, tree branches, and storms! It is an ancient science that explains the energy patterns which create and unify all things. It reveals the precise way in which the energy of Creation organizes itself………. Sacred Geometry is a graphic description of the universe which is easily visualized and aesthetically pleasing. Great paintings like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man and great architecture like the Giza Pyramid of Egypt, Gothic cathedrals, and Islamic mosques embody Sacred Geometry.’https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/07/why-sacred-geometry-matters-so-much.html

Until a critical mass is reached (30% of population) donations via patreon, to help spread the word, are welcome.   https://www.patreon.com/earth_custodians_movement

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