The Fraud Is Way Much Greater Than What We Can Ever Anticipate

If your are an Earth custodian already, or considering to become one, you will have again to acknowledge that the entire system is a fraud of an unfathomable proportion. It cannot be rescued. It is so much worse than what we can ever anticipate, although it usually always is when money is involved. Just visualize an iceberg and now adjust this visualization to the hidden part representing all the ongoing frauds we do not know about… yet.

There is no way to fix that. Let’s get real for a minute: money was never created as a medium of exchange but to invent debts and wealth transfers, because it is the only way to get rich (or by luck during a stock market boom or mania) . 5000 years of history prove this. And Universal Basic Income is another meme that is going to facilitate the flow of money back to the corporations.

But let’s think further: economic freedom only if everybody can walk straight? Because that is where it all boils down to: we can never have monetary freedom if there remains a few bad apples in the basket. Calling these bad apples “necessary evil” will cause all the apples to rot. And that is what we are seeing now. Much too obvious and even right in our faces.

So anybody arguing about the impossibility to get rid of “any necessary evil”, is either naive or in a very deep state of denial. There is absolutely no justification to allow “any necessary evil” in the world, but darwinism says it is okay and even glorifies it for the sake of a few mystical heroes (psychological archetypes), so people can have some icons to dream about while they are being preyed on.

It is indeed becoming increasingly difficult to figure out where the $200 trillion waiting for crypto-speculators will be coming from. The Accounting Service’s black hole is what is happening on a global scale and reveals money as the paramount of all illusion. It is impossible to fix that mess…. unless we are forced — or voluntarily — to let our frameworks crash down completely, then what?

To restart the debt pyramid from scratch because the “same bad apples” will still be there? Nonsensical! We can restart all anew without money, barter nor trade as explained on our blog… Yes it is realistic…

Realistic because technology, robotics are taking over, eliminating paid labor

Realistic because conflicts for natural resources and arm races go hand by hand

Realistic because competition demands to trash the planet for the sake of profits

Realistic because the world debt has reached an unbearable threshold, we’re bankrupt

Realistic because problems are more profitable, and corruption spins out of control

Realistic because global corporate debt is skyrocketing and now a threat

Realistic because money subverts romantic emotions and friendships

Realistic because technology and robotics will make human competition obsolete

Realistic because corporations profit more from all kinds of conflicts

Realistic because corporations do not have the money to clean-up Nature

Realistic because the world debt has enslaved several future generations

Realistic because competition encourages the dumbing down of the masses

Realistic because humans’ body parts are now more lucrative than illegal drugs

Realistic because debt related inflation continually erodes the purchasing power

Realistic because consumerism and planned obsolescence are bedfellows

Realistic because profits demands to neglect the human costs

Realistic because following the money twists and dictates most social behaviors

Realistic because following the money prevents from going after the too big too fail

Realistic because profits seeking restricts individual options, encourages monopoly formation

Realistic because the rates of human trafficking and pedophilia are beyond belief, and getting worse

According to the Department of Defense Inspector General and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, $21 Trillion in Taxpayer Funding Is Unaccounted For. (Global Research 1 May 2018)

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