On The Impossibility Of Transparency And Danger Of Cultures

Most people expect a political and social system to be as transparent as possible. But this will never happen as long as monetarism rules human exchanges.

There is no integrity in such a system. Integrity fails the test when we remain oblivious to the tyranny of our own thoughts. The end justifies the means so to speak.

Money has institutionalized the concealment of data for intellectual manipulation, dishonesty by embellishment, distortion of emotions, delay conclusions, profit from negative aftermaths, the pillage of natural resources (the cleanup being too expensive anyway).

So now, let’s take a deep breath in and just think of your life for a moment, and try to recall all these times when you could not be honest because you were afraid to lose friends or a job, said hello to a dreadful competitor or a boss squeezing the most out of you, all these times when you silently complied or followed orders for the sake of a paycheck, all these times when you bought a product made by cheap/slave labor and cheated to pay less taxes, bragged about yourself… etc…

Yet people expect politicians to be honest and regulations absolutely transparent. Paradoxically, and this is really mind boggling, people even accept secret service agencies, knowing that they may never know the truth. Transparency will never (ever, never) happen as long as money exists, even though there may be a few good souls among the ranks of lawmakers, the latter are unfortunately not eternal.

When we look at the trends over the last 500 years, what has exactly changed? Everything went from bad to worse. There are more slaves today than at any time in history.

It is time to acknowledge the unthinkable: integrity has to come from each of us first. Deep within. And as long as one has to say hello to a manager – or a boss – to keep a job that one hates but which keeps the money coming in, society is simply going to be doomed further (on a small and grand scale alike) one step at the time, until a point of no-return, a breaking point.

WARNING: chilling lecture

Manly P. Hall – Integrity, the Endangered Virtue (1hr)

Culture Is Not Your Friend

Cultures/group thinks have dystopian origins when they ask to trade individual independence for the security of the group. That is the only parameter that can tell us as to whether a social concept is worth it.

Only Voluntaryism definitely stands out. Genius is the norm but a culture will make sure that conformity becomes the rule.

Not to mention, when a culture embraces the “money making mentality”, the aftermath does not bode well. Look around you!

It is very difficult to paraphrase McKenna, so please get some popcorn and listen

The Limitations of Culture (Terence McKenna)

Terence McKenna – Culture Is Not Your Friend

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