What Is Greed… In ONE Sentence

Although everybody has his/her own definition about “greed”, it is not as complex as it may seem to explain in simple terms.

Masses quickly speak about “greed” when approaching the topic of the corporate monsters ruling the planet. But what is greed exactly: is it only bad when one has a lot of money? Is it only okay to self-restrain, save, always look up for the best deals, financially wise, when one is from the (low) middle class? That the rich should not pay any attention to the way money is spent? When brainstorming these aspects, we quickly realize that almost everybody is “greedy”. And that’s where things begin to make sense a little bit more.

So in short “greed” can be defined as “willing to take more out than what one puts in”.

Anybody with a good sense of rationality will quickly see that such a behavior is absolutely unsustainable. Would it be the poor trying to enroll in whatever social programs (paid by the taxpayers) or market shareholders, always looking up for the penny stocks or holding onto their overvalued stocks.

But willing to take more out is like playing musical chairs, yet absolutely legal, because to have a lot of money in the pool, gazillions of people must be willing to play. That is what world stock markets do 24/7. Yet 90% are confident that “the game” is under control and that profit/greed is unlimited.

A system without “greed” is very easy to fathom, but the fundamental question really boils down to: are you willing to quit expecting more than what Reality has to offer you? Why continuing to run after a illusion?

Conclusion: changing YOUR perception is changing the WORLD. A world without money is the most rational decision for anybody understanding the stakes.

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June 4, 2018
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