Dystopian Farming: 65 Billion Animals Slaughtered Annually Worldwide. What Is Wrong With That Number?

What is wrong is the World Population Clock shows 7.6 Billion People in 2018. The number of animal slaughtered vs human beings, is more or less 8 times greater… the 2nd problem is HOW do we feed all these animals when half of the world population is already starving?

Hello dystopian factory farming! The price of cheap meat has dire consequences.

Something is terribly wrong with the way we treat animals, and other human beings. Both sides mirror one another. The Principle of Correspondence, a Cosmic Law establishing that what happens on a level of consciousness also translates on another level of awareness. Everything is interconnected. Humans now suffer as much as the 65 billions of animals. And not only those who starve, but those getting sick from their imbalanced and unhealthy diets.

Shocking documentary about what the meat industry does to animals for profits, and it is about time to get back to our senses and end our gluttony ASAP.

Eating too much meat is as disastrous as eating too much sugar. If cancers, diabetes and various other illnesses are becoming increasingly common, look no further… nothing genetic happening here, humans all have the same unhealthy eating habits.

Did you know that cortisol, a stress hormone released by the adrenals glands can turn meat into carbs, and that meat has an insulin index???

Earth Custodians do not regard “climate change arguments” as a valid stance, but for the rest, this doc is jaw dropping

What You Eat Matters – 2018 Documentary H.O.P.E.
1 kg of eggs requires 3,300 liters of water
1 kg of chicken meat……… 3,900 litres
1kg of pork…………………… 4,800
1kg of cheese……………….. 5,000
1kg of beef……………………15,500

(digits for a factory farm)

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