The Materialist Delusion: Paying More For Better Food Quality Is ANTI-HUMAN RIGHTS

Many people find it “normal” to pay more for quality foods and call this the evidence of market forces. Quality is more valuable… really? What do the human rights stand for in the end? What are doing the World Health Organization and the UN to protect society against the junk sold to supermarkets? Or is it just a circus like many others plaguing the planet?

Or is it another illusion caused by monetarism, that only those who have more income to spend on wholesome foods can buy themselves the right to live longer? Eugenics in disguise?

Make no mistakes, paying more for better quality is anti-human rights. It is affecting us on all levels, and the evidence our system has become beyond wasteful because most people have been indoctrinated into going after bargains, destroying the environment and human health on a grand scale.

CONCLUSION: paying more for better quality doe NOT work. Some might say that things are changing but will not considder the price tags, such as the steadily bankruptcy of healthcare caused by poor food quality/diets and that there cannot be any smooth transition. Purging our food supply will eventually result in the collapse of “market forces”.

Further, it is not just about our food supply and but anything else we can think of. Paying less or pay more are A TRAP. Paying less inducing hyper-consumerism, we literally spend ourselves into oblivion. Paying more increasing the gap between social classes at the expense of everybody.

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