The REAL Human Cost Of Electronics

Another ‘jaw dropping’ glimpse at our precarious planetary situation mainly destroyed because humans are more interested in following the money (carrot and the stick) than understanding their relationship with the environment  — and why we ought to prepare for ‘mindset transitioning’. The decades old mantra that “what is good for man is good for earth’ is now coming to an abrupt end.  There is no way out until we grasp that we cannot resolve a problem with the same mindset that created it. Materialism is an illusion because it creates the problems teaching to let go competition and speculation. 

Earth Custodians value ‘objective reality’ because Truth can only be found in the BIG picture.  Objective Reality is also about the Self, and establishes that we only can affect the world by changing ourselves first. Surface issues do not do the job as they often require a blame game — or shifting the blame. 


This short documentary reveals the hazards of the electronics industry in China profiling workers poisoned by chemicals and their struggle for compensation. Thousands of young people in China enter export factories to make the West’s favorite electronic gadgets, only to find they have contracted occupational diseases or worse, leukemia, by the age of 25.

And then of course we use Pakistan, India, Ghana… and China to dump our E-waste poisoning the poorest in those developing countries further. 

Countries that are Used as Dumping Grounds for Your Waste HD 2015 (3mins)

ToxiCity: life at Agbobloshie, the world’s largest e-waste dump in Ghana (25mins)

While the health implications of e-waste are difficult to isolate due to  the informal working conditions, poverty, and poor sanitation, several  studies in Guiyu, a city in southeastern China, offer insight. Guiyu is  known as the largest e-waste recycling site in the world, and the city’s  residents exhibit substantial digestive, neurological, respiratory, and  bone problems. For example, 80 percent of Guiyu’s children experience  respiratory ailments, and are especially at risk of lead poisoning. ….. World’s E-Waste to Grow 33% by 2017, Says Global Report : By 2017, the global volume of discarded refrigerators, TVs, cellphones,  computers, monitors and other electronic waste will weigh almost as  much as 200 Empire State Buildings, a new report predicts. 

COMMENT: And then lets also mention the “coltan war” that has killed millions of Africans already as most coltan mining is in the hands of guerilla factions, what keeps down the coltan price. Coltan would be a lot more expensive than it is otherwise — and that means more profits for the corporations.  

The mobile phone is a remarkable piece of engineering. But look inside. There’s blood in this machine. There’s blood in this device because your mobile contains tiny electronic circuits, and they couldn’t work without mineral called COLTAN. It’s mined in the eastern Congo. There is blood here, the blood of Congolese who are dying in a terrible conflict. 

Blood in the Mobile Official Documentary (1H44mins)

Too bad that gorillas and coltan share the same habitat… demand for gorillas meat (called bushmeat) skyrockets as a result

Gorillas in the circuitry (1min 25) 

Report: Central African gorillas may go extinct – CNN.  The situation is especially critical in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There,  militias have seized large chunks of gorilla land and logged and mined  it. They have done so because the illegal trade in timber and in metals  such as gold and coltan — used in cell phones — generates between $14  million and $50 million a year for them, the report says. The money helps fund the militias’ battle against the Congolese army. 

Coltan – : There is a genocide bigger than the Nazi exterminations taking place in the world today. An estimated Six million people have died as a result of the conflict in the Congo. Starvation, disease, rape, torture and murder cause 45,000 deaths each and every month. This is the largest war-related death toll since the Second World War.  

OBJECTIVE REALITY: … on both ends of the market: we are all slaves

Death and suffering on  ALL of our electronics… yet we call ourselves civilized? 

What comes around goes around: another example as why Natural Laws are worth knowing. The Law Of The Pendulum, or Rhythm is swinging back to us now… its oscillations of the latter mean that anything set into motion comes back amplified. All Natural Laws are exponential, toward Good or Bad, depending on if we have mastered the lessons or not. Not so strangely, jobless waves are just around the corner and will reach 40% of the job market in 5-8 years from now.. 


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