Dystopian Sci-Fi Series Becomes Reality: Army Of Robot Bees To Pollinate Crops, What You Must Know About Neonicotinoids

Exposing the failures of politics, economics, philosophy and psychology. Another upsetting compilation. 

That is all it takes to change the world, speaking about earth destruction by a dystopian techno-corporatism agenda and which ultimately will mimic and digitize ALL life on Earth. But this massive aggression on the planet also tells us that our world is being terraformed for the next genetically modified species, animals and non animals. Sci-fi is playing right in front of our very eyes and the TV series, Black Mirror gives a glimpse at what lies ahead… there is no abundance in the AI scenario but total dystopian technocratic control

Black Mirror Analysis: Hated In The Nation (SEGMENT WITH ROBOT BEES) 

Walmart announced Wednesday that it will expand its grocery delivery service this year to more than 800 stores that can serve about 40 percent of American households, according to the website. Walmart was not the first organization to create a robot bee as a substitute for actual honeybees, whose populations have been in decline. Harvard University researchers introduced the first RoboBees in 2013. Those bee-size robots could only fly and hover midair and had to be attached to a power source.’ Newer RoboBees can stick to surfaces, swim underwater and dive in and out of water. https://nypost.com/2018/03/14/walmart-may-be-building-drone-army-of-robot-bees-to-pollinate-crops/

EPA Wants China to Sell Bee-Killing Pesticide for 165 Mil Acres of US Farmland

Posted on March 7, 2018 |  Thiamethoxam is a pollinator killing pesticide that is known to be a bad  decision if people who insist on using pesticides (because the  agrichemical industry tries to cultivate a situation where average  farmers have little option but to use some kind of pesticide)….  The EPA is considering using the  pesticide on major American food crops, covering about 165 million  acres of farmland in the US. If this goes through, the crops that will  be poisoned with thiamethoxam include corn, wheat, potato, rice, barley,  sorghum, and alfalfa. …. 

According to the director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s environmental health program, Ann Burd: If the EPA grants Syngenta’s wish, it will spur catastrophic  declines of aquatic invertebrates and pollinator populations that are  already in serious trouble.” You know the pesticide-approval process is broken when the EPA  announces it will consider expanding the use of this dangerous pesticide  on the same day its own scientists reveal that the chemical kills birds  and aquatic invertebrates.” 

According to EcoWatchNeonicotinoids have long been known to pose serious harm to bee  populations. But the new EPA assessments found the commonly used  pesticides can kill and harm birds of all sizes and pose significant  dangers to aquatic invertebrates. Thiamethoxam is currently widely used as a seed coating for these  crops. This application would allow it to be sprayed directly on the  crops, greatly increasing the amount of pesticide that could be used. The just-released aquatic and non-pollinator risk assessment  found that the majority of uses of the neonicotinoid on currently  registered crops resulted in risks to freshwater invertebrates that  exceeded levels of concern—the threshold at which harm is known to  occur….. MORE: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/03/epa-china-bee-killing-pesticide-165-mil-acres-us-farmland.html

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