The Very Dark Side Of New Age: Can Mindfulness Help Entrepreneurs Spot Opportunity?

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Either We Thrive For Utopia… Or Dystopia

Utopia is the only way out because even if perfection does not exist, we can remain flexible mentally and correct what needs to be in a timely fashion but it requires Voluntarysim. As you read this, Dystopia, which feeds on greed, fear and control, is clearly taking over because many cannot handle the idea that they are responsible for what is, everything  and all that happens to society and spend more time whining and blaming the political classes instead.

Here is a brief dissection of the article published last month and titled: Mindfulness: Can It Help Entrepreneurs Spot Opportunity?

Practicing mindfulness increases self-compassion and increases compassion for others,” says Kelly. Entrepreneurs talk about “pain points,” and their success often requires an ability to see what others struggle with, she says.

The quote above is another evidence that the field of spirituality cannot operate for profit. When we look at the world’s dire state of affair, and the global debt ratio, the action needs rational thinking instead of “new age solutions”. That is where the line can be drawn about “new age” (and any other belief system as well) when it blindly fails to recognize the Oneness of the spirit and matter, which is exactly why it does not see the flaws embedded in speculation.

Kelly and her research colleague cite previous scholarly literature, including a 2014 study that they say found a definite relationship between mindfulness and the market analysis necessary for entrepreneurial discovery and idea creation.

Yet another case pointing to the evidence that degrees and diplomas are unable to fix the issues… what does “discovery and idea creation” exactly mean when the world seems to be heading toward another world war? There is no profit to make once one understands that it is unethical to expect more returns that what one put in. Profits are an illusion since Earth cannot give more than what She provides us with in the “now”. Speculation borrows and steals the future. Nature determines the threshold of human consumption. All we can do, when not paying attention to this Natural Law, is to pillage our natural resources to no end.

Mindfulness is “sweeping the country because it works,” says Kelly, who estimates 20 percent to 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies have some sort of mindfulness training. A significant amount of research shows mindfulness decreases stress and burnout. “That’s why corporate America is very interested,” says Kelly.

In what sense can we say that mindfulness decreases stress and burnout exactly, when most Americans, Brits and Europeans are losing purchasing power daily at an alarming speed (see links below)? Or is mindfulness a mere band-aid helping people cope with what is really going on in the bigger picture? Or worse, just a new social tool to conform and condition society?

Investors, meanwhile, are very interested as well. Headspace, a popular mindfulness and guided meditation app, has raised more than $75 million in venture funding, according to Crunchbase.

Yes, indeed, investing enormous amounts of money to train workers to feel good about going paycheck to paycheck is definitely worth it. New Age for the best and the worse: we clearly can see now why new age has become a danger despite the fact that it also promotes valuable concepts, which are being twisted in favor of endless profit seeking.

Further, they suggest that increased compassion achieved through mindfulness will translate into more ethical decisions involving others, writing, “Mindfulness can create an increased awareness of multiple perspectives by allowing the entrepreneur to look at things from others’ points of view, which creates more empathy, and in turn can lead to more compassionate and ethical decisions.”

Well, one thing is certain, if mindfulness was indeed translating into ethical decisions, we’d be seeing the gradual end of the world stock markets. But is is not what is happening, far to the contrary. Today some crypto-geniuses want to sell us the pipe-dream that there is still $200 trillion profits waiting to be seized out there.  There is no mindfulness possible when confronted daily with the survival to pay one’s bills. At some point competition within the work place will have the final word.

While businesses are adopting mindfulness for stress reduction, says Kelly, “we’re going to get all of these other benefits.”

Another distortion as we should keep in the back of our minds that more and more people are on psycho-drugs or even heavy pain-killers – an alarming trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Last year, The British Medical Journal, released 64,381 pages of clinical reports reveals new information on harms – pharmaceutical antidepressant treatment actually doubles the risk for suicidality in children and adolescents (link below). At this peace most millennials entering the workforce will have some sort of psychological problems.

The truth is that mindfulness combined with psycho-drugs is really what is happening in the background. So the question is: Is Big Pharma Fueling Depression and being patched by various mindfulness corporate programs? That would make sense, wouldn’it?

SOURCES: Big Pharma Hides Antidepressant Trial Suicides | Citizens Commission on Human Rights  Bombshell Study Exposes Frightening Facts About Anti -Depressant Drugs and Pharmaceutical Companies | Collective-Evolution

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