The Danger of Hidden Knowledge And The Universe As The Only And Sole Authority

This blog has proven many times by now that Darwinism does not apply humans. Herd behaviors are deadly to humans and lead to meritocracy, thus plunder by monopolies. Look at the state of the planet, environmentally and economically speaking. Everything is being exploited to no end and then trashed.

We often hear people whine about politics, even say that they hate it… many desperately shrug while trying to convince themselves that it is a necessary evil. The general public doesn’t trust politics because social ills are never resolved, but paradoxically will rally behind politicians because they regard freedom as dangerous. People need to understand the game and illusion of *fear*.

The Universe, or God, is the ultimate authority, and gives us Natural Laws to understand His intents. Spiritual beliefs cannot be privatized by any groups… so all man-written religions have huge flaws as they have turned spirituality into another senseless materialistic pursuit. Please see the ‘blueprint tab’ on our site if you are not familiar with The Principles governing human life.

Hierarchy/man-made monopoly vs Voluntarysim/Cosmic Order is the only choice… you are with Universe or against Universe. And the Universe, or Source if you prefer, does not care about any groups, but each individual’s connection with It. While group think will always lead to social upheavals and deceptions, the only group that will ever work is a group of individuals agreeing that the regulation of conformity is detrimental.

What makes knowledge evil is when it is hidden/occulted… it becomes spontaneously predatory so to speak. When thinking that one has the legal right to be more intelligent, one is in fact condoning the servitude of others. That works both ways though: ignorance morphs into servitude in a darwinian oriented society. The conclusion is that either way, there is no incentive to encourage any social stratification. Societies got it wrong for millennia and the fact that we repeat mass violence is the evidence that we are caught in a negative spin. So we really must question “the right to access data”, because if we perceive the destiny of the less smart (low social classes) as ineluctable, the same happens to the smarter simultaneously… because there is always a social layer, or a top in the know occulting knowledge.

Social polarities are the result of the lack of access to knowledge, induced or not. Anybody grasping the above rightfully would never support such a social construct. A free society is composed of individuals that want the Knowledge equally shared, or openly accessible, and teaching such premises. And unfortunately it is where monetarism – and the ensuing addiction to materialism – stands in the way, preventing knowledge to be shared evenly.

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