Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart & The Power Of The Heart Over The Head

This blog is a compilation demonstrating that society has become the nemesis of our hearts, and not just in the West… all over the world. People have become complacent and accept an ever increasing violence as a way of life.

The problem is so deep rooted that when reading headlines like this one:  “When Global Arm Sales Finance Humanitariani$m… $3 billion Aid For Yemen?” , there are almost no reactions anymore. People shrug, feel powerless in stopping the madness or just won’t care at all. Mainly because materialism has subverted the Brain and disconnected it from the Heart.

Today most people only care to make ends meet or/and “get rich quickly schemes” at the expenses of the planet. What the world stock markets are really about. Monetarism has fragmented man’s brain and turned him into a predator. Nature is being destroyed every day further and while some are planning WW3, most people still go work 8hrs/day and seem to be paying more attention to football and celebrities more than anything else. 

If the Heart-Brain connection is broken, it does indeed affect the empathy level and the only way to fix it is that each individual realizes the issue first and comes to terms with this hazardous deficiency.  

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence –  a path to personal, social and global coherence             

The video is an overview of the amazing and vital role of  the heart in our lives, and how our personal energetics shapes our  social relationships and ultimately affects global consciousness.  

 The Science Behind the Film

The scientists at the HeartMath Institute (HMI) have  conducted extensive research on the power of heart intelligence,  intuition and the energetic connection between all things. Our  researchers have explored the intricacies of heart-brain messaging, how  emotions affect human biology and the influences of geomagnetic fields  and solar activity on our health and daily activities. We invite you to  examine the following research.             

Howard Martin – Engaging The Intelligence of the Heart

Why the Heart Holds the key to World Peace

The heart helps us to understand the world through feelings. It  allows us to understand our reality in a universal kind of way, giving  us universal characteristics. This biological electromagnetic field  generator allows us to understand each other at the emotional level and  beyond, giving us a sense of connection to all things. This emotional  connection is what creates bonding between individuals. When we learn how to think with our hearts, it becomes easier for us  to understand others and live in harmony with them. For these reasons,  the heart holds the key to uniting humanity and achieving world peace. (MORE AT LINK, LONG, MUST READ)


David Icke – The Power Of The Heart Over The Head


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