The Futility Of Man’s Made Laws, Bitcoin & The ‘Dark’ Magic Of Money

Stock market rollercoasters will not go away until shareholders understand that there is no such a thing as “the sky is the limit”, that is a mantra at the heart of almost every world suffering.

Corporations will always circumvent laws and use whatever loopholes to prevent shareholders from running toward the exits. When social coercion is the framework, laws cannot be perfect (ever, never). Natural Laws will forever allow a slightest chance to end that very coercion. In fact saying the slightest is kind of incorrect: there always is a permanent 50-50% chance on the table when aware of it.

Nature came to life out of the mating of the elements: LOVE. Entropy and decay must exist as a mean to go back to the Source and be recycled by It. Perpetual endings and beginnings. Even stars happen to die, don’t they? On a human level, only non-coercive behaviors are ultimate and they will forever swing back toward peace and respect for Creation, even if  imbalances lead to utter chaos first.

This week, cryptocurrencies have perfectly demonstrated how volatile they can be, like the Dow, they seem to be back up.

As said above, all coercive structures have their flaws within and the latter cannot be reconciled. Fear/coercion can destroy any structure. Thoughts have a “magical/metaphysical property”  as they can create and undo in the blink of an eye. Therefore must we be extremely careful before projecting any of our thoughts into actions. The most lasting and positive effects are obtained when thoughts respect Creation and refute any form of coercion: voluntaryism binds all Natural Laws for a greater good.

The major cause of enslavement is speculation itself, which allows some to thwart or control any market, for them money — getting rich — is secondary. Speculation is a fear driven motion caused by competition, as shown in the quote article below:

It’s stating the obvious, but did you know you can get ‘breakaway’ strips of these precious metals? Breakaway gold and silver allows you to literally break by the gram so you can remain in control of your exchange. However, be warned: gold and silver will only placate the new market short term. When food becomes scarce, gold will no longer matter to those who are starving.

One cannot resolve any problem with the same ailment that created it. Nobody controls anything in the long run, so security only exists for an extremely short moment in time, which makes it illusory. We need to step away from such unfruitful thinking.  Monetarism is only valid as a premise when any accumulation of wealth  is no longer recognized as a main drive, but then again monetarism can be bypassed and overcome. Monetarism loses its function when speculation is removed from the equation. This is the dilemma in a nutshell. Nature has made sure that one cannot consume more than one needs. But this Truth has been buried because power structures depend on a false premise.

It was apparent that materialism was in complete control of the economic structure, the final objective of which was for the individual to become part of a system providing an economic security at the expense of the human soul, mind, and body.” ― Manly P. Hall

The world will not be going anywhere until we begin to see through the smokescreen that is materialism.

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