Earth Custodians Agree With Ubuntu’s Move Out Of Politics

This first Michael Tellinger’s video demonstrates political power games, and the  mindset of whatever  political party: if you are not with us, you are against us, and which makes impossible for peace and abundance to prevail.

Freedom has nothing to do with politics as it has to be voluntary, freedom cannot be enforced. As soon as it is enforced it becomes democracy for the top, fascism or collectivism. It is not a group fight. Human beings have been misled for 1000s of years. Freedom deriving from Voluntaryism is everything but politics. It is about the endorsement and comprehension of “Immutable Cosmic Forces or Natural Laws”, which we cannot alter in any fashion. The latter must thus guide scientific research, spirituality and sociology. Freedom just IS.

Humanity IS a body: every time we allow a limb to get infected, it comes back to haunt us… Africans, Westerners, Chinese, Indians, Australians, it does not matter anymore. Being a prepper does not guarantee anything anymore if lacking empathy as we are moving toward the ineluctable crossroad, and the ensuing global reset in terms of social and monetary values. If we do not come back to our senses and begin to care about Nature and Humans as a whole, there will be a tremendous boomerang effect.

The sooner  more people realize that Evolution/Darwinian theory does not apply human beings, the sooner we will be able to apply the right solutions.

Corporate Monopolies Will Accelerate the Globalisation of Bad Food, Poor Health and Environmental Catastrophe (

Understanding The Past Is Understanding The Present And Future

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