Sacred Relationship vs Abusive Relationship

“What makes Your Partner Abusive” is quite accurate,  but the descriptions are mere symptoms…  it is like just looking at the tip of the iceberg while neglecting what lies underneath it… the bottom line is that materialism has always used sex as a weapon,  materialism makes you think of possessing others in whatever fashion. We live in a society that is extremely, well utterly, abusive as a matter of fact. PTSD traumas abound and turn many neurotic. Highly revealing, and sure, some kind of day of reckoning is not a that far away anymore. 

This is a  philosophical and spiritual issue above all. Materialism is a scourge killing all human rapports, and without  considering this, psychology will remain vain and futile. All good for psychiatry continually finding new mental diseases. 

It is all  about metaphysics in the end. No relationship can survive if mates do not love themselves first. If the partners do not love first with their “Hearts”. Today lust is the foundation of most relationships, because in our society materialism is only taking the mirror effect into consideration, the impact one has on others, and thus a rapport of power.  People expect to be respected first and thus have little empathy. People desperately hope they will be loved but nonetheless see relationships as a form of mercantile experiment, a trade.  Trade will stop functioning without empathy at some point, and this means that the “empathy factor” comes first. 

A genuine Sacred Relationship requires a flexibility of mind and the exploration of the meaning of freedom while remaining supportive and accountable at all time. Indeed, that’s the whole ball game! Not to be used for cheating on one another but strengthening  trust and bound between the mates. Most relationships today collapse onto themselves after  a while, because they can’t or handle the pact of exclusivity lovers/mates have imposed upon themselves and each others, and as a result suspicions, cheating and jealousy begin to surface and everything spirals down into emotional abuse. 

What Makes Your Partner Abusive?

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