When Mindfulness Leads To Selfishness And The Holistic Brain Remedy

The article below is partially truth. And thus a half-truth. But the only way to avoid to fall over the edge into self-centeredness is to grasp the immutable forces governing the Universe and Human Life. The Latter must serve as a template reminding one that one is not going into the right direction. Take the Law of Correspondence for example, which asserts that we are what we project. Or a mere law of physics saying that nothing is static, what does not expand, does regress.

There are many new agey concepts out there that seem appealing but which often do not offer the big picture, hence are kinda misleading or require some serious homework. In short, when one’s beliefs do not recognize being part of a Whole, but contend to be the “whole”, yes selfishness  will become a problem at some point. And this is the main pitfall of the New Age as it induced the naivete that the “self can do it all”.  

The Holistic Brain Remedy

A Holistic Spirituality depends first on the development of a holistic brain, and belief systems generally target the right brain, on purpose, to create a schism, a fragmentation within, which is why many people have difficulties to comprehend why metaphysics drives materialism. Isn’t it ironic that money spent on non material things brings more happiness? Why? Because it is the role of money to help us realize that Reality is much bigger than our material possessions. We do live in a Thinking Universe, a Universe fully consciousand human darwinism has always attempted to bypass this Greater Reality.  

Mark Passio: The Darwinistic Religion & Left Brain Scientism (15mins)


Right & Left Brain Hemispheres (7mins)


Break down of the Right and Left Brain Hemispheres Mark Passio (2hrs, long version)


Mindfulness can lead to selfishness, warns psychiatry expert |  Mindfulness has grown in popularity as people search for meaning in life….. Dr Alison Gray, chair of the spirituality special interest group at  the College, which advises psychiatrists on how to deal with spiritual  issues, said more “inward-focused” types of spirituality “can become self-involved”.  “In as much as religion is about binding people together, spirituality can become inward looking and selfish,” she said…. She warned that meditation can lead to problems as people uncover the  more negative aspects of their personality, which they might previously  have buried.  “When you look inside yourself what you find can be quite negative  and quite destabilising, and so you need a community around you to help  process this stuff and keep you healthy”, she told the Daily Telegraph.  (MORE AT THE LINK)

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