The Matrix Paradox: The Crusaders Of The Innerverse And Artilect War Coming Faster Than Predicted

Most people want to remain optimistic, no matter what and this is a good thing, though the buck stops here as it all boils down to what one does with optimism. Optimism contains its own Principle Of Polarity within. Many agree that changing the world is absolutely necessary, that we just need to find a way as how to do it… yet that is where it gets very tricky and that pessimism begins to appear. To remain within the good vibes, it is thus essential to only focus on the present and make fun of – or bash- politicians.

In fact the vast majority is pretty pessimistic but just pretend that things will turn out fine, that we’ll muddle through at the last minute, that some magic will save us from WW3 for example. This is where it gets even trickier. This category does not want to hear about any more bad news and will rather hang out with optimists than discussing about solutions between themselves.  

Then there is  a small portion of individuals who can see the world as it is, objectively, and are ready to become the next planetary Light Houses. The only problem is that pessimists and optimists  dislike (and despise) them, and regarded them as those who will be responsible for the chaos. They are Crusaders of the Innerverse and know no respite as how to rethink social models and intellectually prepare for  the day everything will be falling apart. 

The only way to control is to be far ahead of the mainstream…. but the control structure doesn’t control anything, just has the advantage to know more. AI does not control anything either at its own level but will control us because Darwinian frameworks are highly predictable as they induce groupthinks and conformism.

Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque.” ~U. G. Krishnamurti 

The Crusaders of the Innerverse

The Crusaders Of The Innerverse are aware that no planetary solution can be found as long as the majority thinks that some have indeed more right to access  knowledge and that this right to access knowledge gives the hidden hand the right to control societies. In fact there lies the key to the Matrix. Poverty and wars stem from a direct lack of knowledge.

The access to knowledge is of course determined by “personal wealth” and which means that monetarism is a tool for control. So it is easily understandable to see why monetarism creates way more problems than positive aspects. There is no real chicken-egg dilemma. Monetarism comes first, as it is used as a mean to restrict the access to knowledge. 

The paradox though, is that people need to know about it to understand the esoteric power of money. Money, in order to remain into the same hidden hand, must control the flow of knowledge. The conclusion is that as long as people continue to refute (or turn a blind eye to) the Knowledge about Reality, the Reality Of Knowledge, things will not improve but rather go from bad to worse. 

All the “feel good philosophy” that is out there only offers bad aid cures, are thus kind of vain, and will not help populations overcome the challenges ahead. The paragraph above explains as why swallowing a “red pill” is the only remedy. Knowledge controls the Matrix. The real antagonism is the failure to connect the dots. Power is inherently bad. 

Ignorance is not bliss. To restore peace on Earth, the majority must know how to unlock knowledge and about the root of the illusion that is materialism – and thus power. If you begin to grasp the stakes mentioned here above, or had already a sense about what is wrong in the world but couldn’t identify it completely, then you are ready to become an Earth Custodian and help the EC Movement spread the word. 

Mark Passio on How Our Reality is Built  (10min lecture explaining the image above)

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