The Inner Self Series: The Lesser Evil Still Is ………… Evil


Most people do not want wars and want to live free, so why is the environment demonstrating the evidence of the opposite? And much worse, why are people supporting the opposite of what they really want? Meanwhile, many want to believe in the law of attraction… It is crystal clear that the law of attraction works both ways, as it is  subjected to Law Of Polarity. Just like anything else. 

The law of attraction does not always manifest our aspirations in the long run. Often it even takes one generation – or more – to make this assessment. That the way of thinking of a previous generation has to be declared obsolete by the Consensus. Its negative manifestation is inevitable when not able to understand our social coercive frameworks in the first place. That if one does nothing to avert wars (the absolute nemesis of freedom)  and their political backgrounds, and economical as well, one is going to slip further into a state of ever deepening servitude. 

Many think that the law of attraction will manifest positively when they want something positive to happen to themselves. But what is positive for one, may turn out being negative for another person. So where does it leave us? Yes, we all want to at least have a more comfortable life, but even the very notion of comfort does vary from one individual to the next. 

Yet there is a social inertia that inexorably tears our civilization apart. Why is that? 

As Alan Watts puts it: There is a difficulty in seeing the mutuality of our relationship to the rest of the world, because it is contrary to the common sense, contrary to the way we have been brought up..

Earth Custodians will digress from there: The issue is fundamental here, as it is manifested every time we are faced with the “lesser of the 2 evils” . The lesser evil is still evil. Evil can only be measured with “coercive elements” influencing society as a whole. But another problem surfaces, as one needs to have the ability to recognize such elements in the first place. 

The complexity of the problem has many layers, the main one being which that compels people to accept coercion in the first place, and fall for the choice of the “lesser evil”  and thus the illusion of the choice. When choosing the “lesser evil” , the latter will inevitably develop into a full blown evil because its nature is exponential. The same holds true for “good” being the root of a Greater Good. 

The second layer is sustained by the thinking that happiness, spirituality and freedom are for sale. 

The 3rd layer is represented by the failure to grasp the mental and holographic aspect of Reality and that Cosmic Energy drives the material world, meaning that the quest for unfettered materialism will never lead anywhere but a widespread moral bankruptcy and ultimately a civilization collapse. 


The law of attraction will translate positively not only at an individual level but also on a large scale, when the 7 Principle governing the human life are fully mastered, the law of attraction being a direct aftermath of The Law Of Cause And Effect.  The law of attraction is not a cause but a consequence. The EC metaphysics endorses the Principles – or Laws – and their ramification to the intellect as a framework and regard the obsession with materialism itself as divisive and coercive, which springs from the misunderstanding of the Principle/Law Of Polarity.

Manly P. Hall – The Seven Laws Governing Human Life

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