Voluntaryism Is Always Hard To Sell… Unlike Armageddon

Competition and the competitive mindset is detrimental to any civilization, yet a vast majority seems to be okay with it and always ready to walk into the “same” trap over and over and thus accepts to be the enablers of their own demise. 

Voluntarysim is a neat concept but just there will always be bigger fish eating up small ones

The word “voluntaryism” implies non-coercive principles because fighting what is deemed “evil” requires a bigger “evil” to be applied. And so on. The world has been marching toward its day of reckoning sold to the masses as the only way to buy Peace. Military budgets are skyrocketing on a planetary scale. Yet a vast majority is stubbornly more interested in football, celebrities, crypto-speculation and living beyond their means. 

Anybody speaking of voluntaryism is deemed as an utopian and the principles of non-coercion trashed because the Truth is way too painful to realize.  So buying into the Armageddon scenario, hoping that the enemies will be destroyed first and quickly, must be endorsed no matter what. 

Doomsday on screen: How Hollywood & the Pentagon combine to sell new ‘axis of evil’ (RT.COM)

Truth does not sell well and never will. Why, would you ask? Simply because Truth deals with the ego and its own cherished delusions and points to a radical inner change first. As a matter of fact, the world will not change until a majority grasps that expecting the environment to change translates a lack of personal responsibility, not only  for the state of world affairs but their own very existence. 

Reality Is Realistic: Why Is ‘Voluntaryism’ A Philosophical Axiom

Politicians are mere subterfuges and obviously do not give a damn about killing billions of humans in the next word war that is now taking shape and may well engulf us all … sooner than we think. Indeed Armageddon was a fast and easy sell, and which always justifies  The staggering cost of ‘Peace’

‘The orchestrated hostility toward Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea  protects the $1,000 billion annual budget of the military/security  complex by convincing the American public that the US is threatened by  enemies. It also keeps alive Democratic Party hopes that Trump can be  removed from office, and it has prevented President Trump from  normalizing relations with Russia. I have emphasized for some time that  Washington’s gratuitous and aggressive actions against Russia and the  constant barrage of false accusations against Russia and its government  have convinced Russia that Washington is planning a military attack.  There is nothing more reckless and irresponsible than to convince a  nuclear superpower that you are preparing an attack on them. One would think that such irresponsible and reckless behavior  would have the citizenry aroused and the media reporting the risk. Yet,  there is only silence. It is more important to the media whether NFL  players stand for the national anthem and that some male politicians  show sexual interest in women in inappropriate ways. Insouciant America  is walking into Armageddon.  Read more: Paul Craig Roberts – America is Walking Into Armageddon

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