The AI Paradox: Nobody Controls Anything Anyway Because There Is NO Antidote To Knowledge

Humanity trapped into the biggest trap of all

Yes it is the biggest trap of all because Knowledge is elusive and there eventually comes a point that if one does not grasp that, one’s life will become miserable. The fear of not being in control will prompt one to give one’s consent away and rely on “controllers”. 

“If we only care about profit maximisation,” he says, “we will go rapidly into dystopia.” …. Read more: No Need To Wait – Dystopia Is Almost Upon Us 

Here we go into the last phased of Orwell’s 1984.” The Lunatic Technocracy to Introduce Truth Algorithms for Us.

This is basically why politicians exist. But are they really in control? Nope, they are not but the difference is that they use the “elusive” element to propel themselves and remain 1 or 2 generation(s) ahead of the game 24/7, which gives the impression that they are in control – meanwhile apathy among the masses gets worse by the day, mainly because they cannot finger point to the origins of the problems. They feel vindicated or prefer to focus on their “reality-bubble” which they regard as more manageable. But the Big Picture is falling apart, one domino at the time and in slow motion.

The hidden hand gives the people the illusion of being in control to rally their populations while knowing that its solutions are therefore unworkable to start with. The more they work to control the uncontrollable, the more controlling solutions are put in place. And so on. The surveillance society and the internet of things are the side-effect such a belief: that control is necessary because if there wasn’t any control at all, chaos would occur. 

One thing is certain, chaos comes this way. The long track records of the failure that is geopolitics, especially over the last 100 years, should ring the alarm bell. Nothing has worked according to plan, absolutely nothing, and now the specter of WW3 is upon us. 

It is just like selling the idea that one has to merge with machines to remain in control… control of what exactly in this environment of perpetual cyber threats that could infect human brains with malwares not to mention the hive mind type of thinking, with everybody thinking alike through a brain interface or brain chip? 

Very recently, things took an alarming turn as it appears that AI now can build other AI, child AI, and this was predicted by Kurzweil and others.  There is even no need to wait for a strong AI anymore, it is already in the work.  It is here!

from the article below:  Dr. Kathleen Fisher would reiterate this concern, noting that  autonomous, self-adapting cyber weapons could potentially create  unpredictable collateral damage. Dr. Fisher would also point out that humans would be unable to defend against AI agents.” 

K. Fisher, even though recognizing the stakes, still ridiculously argues in favor of armed self-defense, while the correct move is to abolish war, so autonomous weapons can be destroyed. What sense does it make to still support war in any fashion while it is theoretically impossible to ever protect ourselves 100% from AI??? 

No Antidote To Knowledge

Because there is no way to protect ourselves from the advance of Knowledge, we can’t enforce anything as “the” solution. There are no solution, no antidote to Knowledge. It is just like monetarism that wants everybody to chase money while the planet is beyond broke. 

It is only when we’ll stop chasing illusions that we’ll allow joy and compassion to illuminate the heart. The brain and the heart must learn to collaborate and align. The western society has fallen prey from its left brain, which has hijacked the right side. 

The quest for one’s security is coercive and detrimental to everybody in the long run. When Knowledge follows the security of a paycheck, the Latter turns out being highly destructive. It often takes years – and sometimes decades – to be verified, but it always does. 

Paradoxically it is only when man will quit worrying about his own elusive security that Knowledge will finally begin to serve a Greater Good. 

AI Building AI: Mankind Losing More Control Over Artificial Intelligence December 8, 2017  |   AI Building AI: Can We Ever Be 100% Sure We Are Protected Against AI?…  We can set up all the ethics committees we want. The fact remains that  it is theoretically impossible to ever protect ourselves 100% from AI….  With AI building AI, we are taking another key step forward into a  future where we are allowing power to flow out of our hands. This is  another watershed moment in the evolution of AI. What is going to happen?  (very long)

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