The Metaphysics Of ‘The One Light’ In The Perpetually Creating Universe

Why Both, Creationism And the Evolution Theory, have serious flaws? One of the most chilling and hard hitting truth delivered by a 33rd degree mason who dedicated all his life to make sure that The Mysteries would be accessible to  everybody, in order to help us take back our power of consent that has been stolen from us since the dawn of times – and whose battle takes place at a spiritual level. 

I Beg to Differ with the Darwinian Theory – Manly P. Hall 

@21 mins more or less | TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT
The problem with modern science is to accept: there will always be ONE  LIGHT in space through infinity of differentiation with everything that  is conceivable – or unconcievable  – to man, is part of the potential to  this ONE LIGHT . This ONE LIGHT is all and one. All as the total that  exists…  this ONE LIGHT cannot be analyzed by any of the fragments of  itself but it is the source of all fragmentation. This one Light is not only the source of all bodies but of a mind of souls and spirits and every type of differentiation that exists in space. This ONE LIGHT is  the totality of all manifestations of itself. Plus the nature of his own  identity, which is known only to Itself.

Now if we were approaching this level of thought, we probably wouldn’t  require any kind of conflict between science and religion because both would accept that neither has the full knowledge…. 

@31mins: the conquest of the material (aka ego) becomes the soul’s objective of Humanity 

@42mins: science does not exist to create profits, nor glorify itself but the betterment of humanity… or it will destroy itself

@1:11mins: The role of religion is to learn how to use wisely and unselfishly all the skills of mankind. 

This podcast makes it clear that monetarism without greed and selfishness cannot survive. Highly recommended. Every minute is worth it.

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