How To Resolve The Cosmic Abandonment Syndrome

Before understanding the Law of Cause and Effect (aka Karma), there is a similar fact we all share and makes us all even when we go through painful processes and realizations.  There is a syndrome that not many thinkers talk about and which is the fear of being that we all inherit and experience at birth.  

And there is a reason as why this fear of being, again linked to birth, is often left out by academics: simply because it would dismantle the fields of mainstream psychology/psychoanalysis, and even psychiatry. It is in the Academia’ s interest (yes and again let’s follow the money) to “occult” this approach, because more people finding out about tensions affecting their life purposes, is precisely what the Academia fears the most. 

The birth trauma should be adopted as the centerpiece of social behaviors in the sense that it does explain where all the world violence comes from – and its ramification to the this very syndrome. Violence and suffering point to the latter as the prime cause. Societies exploit subliminally a pain that all people can unconsciously relate to.

As a matter of fact and this may sound paradoxical, the trauma of birth and the ensuing fear or being do exist to help us make sense of the “Cosmic Abandonment”, the detachment from the womb that we all went through at the beginning of our existence. The Universe being a giant womb and Source of all life. The fear of being thus reminds of this “Cosmic Abandonment” but also induces the counter  motion, the need for a “Cosmic Reconciliation”. Reunification with the Source. The One.

From this very perspective, it becomes also increasingly clear that peace in the world will remain difficult to achieve as long as the cause of the “Cosmic Abandonment” is not explained to kids very early in life, because the fear of being is too the very root cause of religious fundamentalismm keeping alive and the separation between spirituality and science; and resulting in a dangerous inner fragmentation that has allowed “the strings of power” to manipulate societies since ever. 

Indeed, we should not expect mainstream psychology/psychoanalysis, and even philosophy, to end the status quo, otherwise they would put themselves out of business!!!

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FREE EBOOK:  The Trauma of Birth is a 1924 book by psychoanalyst Otto Rank, first published in English translation in 1929.  If this book could easily be revisited today with a metaphysical edge, it remains nonetheless a classics for sure.

Real freedom is wholeness. And wholeness is the putting back together of  that which has been made separate. The spiritual is all too often seen  as disconnected from the physical and practical. And the practical and  physical seen as separate from the spiritual. Separate entities. The  powers of the spirit plane remain divorced, and even in opposition, to  the powers of the material plane. Indeed, one is often considered  superior to the other. As two halves, neither one is whole. Without  integration, both remain only half of what they should be. Only half of  what they are.  The maintaining of this division is the key trick played on us by our  oppressors. It is the Ace card in their control pack. We need to  recognize this and act on it.

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