Freedom Is An Inside Job, Coming Out Of The Illusion, Be Your Own Therapist

The world today is in a deep state of hypnosis, must awake and fix all the ideas that do not serve man and  replaced them with new ones. Alan Watts puts it without mincing his words. When religion is used to hold on to it works in reverse and becomes “unfaith”. Spirituality is meant to help let go.  The Greater Reality is what governs the mechanisms of existence and materialism prevents from seeing that. 

Defeating the hidden hand that controls the world does not depend on fighting back physically but addressing what causes a lack or integrity, and this battle starts within. It is only once we accept this, that fear begins to vanish and that the control structure begins to fall apart. Perfection cannot be attained in our 3D realm but such issues when kept continually in check lead to freedom. Freedom is not a given but the result of a perpetual inward motion. Materialism offers the exact opposite because subjected to external competition, moving along or being left behind. 

Mind Over Matter

While thoughts shape subjective reality, there is an Objective Reality that cannot be bent. So when we hear about the law of attraction, we should be careful and wary, because if this is not grasped, the law of attraction will end up manifesting the opposite. The latter will stop working at some point if not accepting materialism for what it is, a fiction that has to be experienced in order to be overcome. One might feel that the law of attraction may work within the materialist framework from an individual perspective, but on a large scale, social decay still is advancing because the dynamics (generated by monetarism benefiting the controlling hand) cannot be stopped by the same mentality that created it. 

The Human Nature is cosmically designed to favor a Greater Good – at the condition to comprehend that external coercion drives its conditioning. Conditioning, human condition, is always fear driven. Fear is what conditions humans into doing things that they do not want to do. All man’s problems begin within himself and then are projected outwardly… then come back in a loop. So what do we do from there?

Manly P. Hall – Be Your Own Psychotherapist

How to use one 6 senses to analyze the environment and educate the Mind, extremely important lecture.

Alan Watts – When You Come Out of the Illusion

the origin of the word buddha comes from bud, and means AWAKE


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