Epigenetics And The Demise of Biological Determinism


Here is another example as why the alopathic medical model is a gigantic (planned) misconception, which also proves that Patenting Knowledge has fooled scientists chasing money preventing them from being dedicated to the betterment of mankind. It also sheds light on this Shocking study which reveals your doctor is WRONG 88% of the time… indeed if the environment is more important than heredity, how can “they” understand the real causes and make the proper assessments?

The column posted yesterday provides us with another evidence: Mainstream News Quietly Admits that Food Quality is a Major Cause of Cancer . How many people do actually believe that if one of their parents has diabetes or cancer, they will most likely develop it? Heredity while the real problem is that the entire family has the same unhealthy and unbalanced diet? Yet mainstream medical professionals speak of “chronic diseases” like a plague.

The article below goes on, saying that “Parental Experience Shapes Traits of Offspring”. And this is right on. That is how and why society perpetuates the same misconceptions and flaws. The most absurd is when parents endorse with the military draft. Recently a survey established that 49% of Americans Favor Mandatory Military Service for US Youth. The Millennia Old and Generational PTSD is just doing fine, it seems. Is sending adolescents risking their lives for the top 1% and Paying To Create The Most Lethal Weapons Personal Responsibility?

We are a product of the environment to start with and this realization, or fact, should be taught in elementary schools. There lies the real advantage of Voluntaryism: it helps kids grow up thinking for themselves instead of relying on “group thinks”.

Until society does not recognize that we stand at crossroads, nothing will ever change. It is a question of “Mind over Matter”. And here, the mind must understand the importance of a healthy environment first. For those unfamiliar with B. Lipton, he is one of the most important pioneers in epigenetics and speaking out about “conventional biology” .

Bruce Lipton – Great Keynote on Mind Over Matter | 2hr 30mins

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture. Epigenetics | 2h31mins

Game-Changing Study: Epigenetic Memories are Passed Down 14 Successive Generations November 12, 2017  Waking Times : …… Epigenetics: The Demise of Biological Determinism: Epigenetics, or the study of the physiological mechanisms that  silence or activate genes, encompasses processes which alter gene  function without changing the sequence of nucleotide base pairs in our  DNA. Translated literally to mean “in addition to changes in genetic  sequence,” epigenetics includes processes such as methylation,  acetylation, phosphorylation, sumolyation, and ubiquitylation which can  be transmitted to daughter cells upon cell division (1). Methylation,  for example, is the attachment of simple methyl group tags to DNA  molecules, which can repress transcription of a gene when it occurs in  the region of a gene promoter. This simple methyl group, or a carbon  bound to three hydrogen molecules, effectively turns the gene off. Post-translational modifications of histone proteins is another  epigenetic process. Histones help to package and condense the DNA double  helix into the cell nucleus in a complex called chromatin, which can be  modified by enzymes, acetyl groups, and forms of RNA called small  interfering RNAs and microRNAs (1).  These chemical modifications of chromatin influence its  three-dimensional structure, which in turn governs its accessibility for  DNA transcription and dictates whether genes are expressed or not. We inherit one allele, or variant, of each gene from our mother and  the other from our father. If the result of epigenetic processes is  imprinting, a phenomenon where one of the two alleles of a gene pair is  turned off, this can generate a deleterious health outcome if the  expressed allele is defective or increases our susceptibility to  infections or toxicants (1). Studies link cancers of nearly all types,  neurobehavioral and cognitive dysfunction, respiratory illnessesautoimmune disorders, reproductive anomalies, and cardiovascular disease to  epigenetic mechanisms (1). For example, the cardiac antiarrhythmic drug  procainamide and the antihypertensive agent hydralazine can cause lupus  in some people by causing aberrant patterns of DNA methylation and  disrupting signaling pathways (1). Genes Load the Gun, Environment Pulls the Trigger:…. Pharmaceuticals, however, are not the only agents that can induce  epigenetic disturbances. Whether you were born via vaginal birth or Cesarean section,  breastfed or bottle-fed, raised with a pet in the house, or infected  with certain childhood illnesses all influence your epigenetic  expression. Whether you are sedentary, pray, smoke, mediate, do yoga,  have an extensive network of social support or are alienated from your  community—all of your lifestyle choices play into your risk for disease  operating through mechanisms of epigenetics. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that genetics  account for only 10% of disease, with the remaining 90% owing to  environmental variables (2). An article published in the Public Library of Science One (PLoS One) entitled “Genetic factors are not the major causes of chronic diseases” echoes these claims, citing that chronic disease is only 16.4% genetic, and 84.6% environmental (3) ….  Another portion of the exposome, the specific external environment,  consists of exposures including pathogens, radiation, chemical  contaminants and pollutants, and medical interventions, as well as dietary, lifestyle, and occupational elements (5) …  LONG, SEE ORIGINAL LINK

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