Voluntary Death In A Futuristic Society That Has Overcome Technological Darwinism

Living  much longer will be possible at some point and we should welcome it, but how long does it mean exactly? Well, it for sure varies because life experiences do not evolve at the same pace and people have different goals. 

This vision of a futuristic society is based on non-coercion, so before tagging it as completely unrealistic let’s first ask ourselves: how ready are we to let go coercion? There lies the conundrum. 

Voluntary death is not to be confused with euthanasia. Voluntary death is not a suicide either as there is no attempt to escape the world nor suffering. The Life/Death cycle cannot be cheated on eternally, this is because Voluntaryism is a metaphilosophical and metaphysical axiom. The freedom to choose one’s time of death is absolute in a highly advanced society.

Since Man didn’t create Natural Laws, he is not a god but co-creator with the Divine, so he can only prolong his life by so much, until he is ready for the “cross over”.  ‘Voluntary life termination” should occur when one is completely tired of living and ready for reuniting with the Creator or The One… such life spans could spread over 300 and 500 years more or less. In this scenario, people also would have kids when they are around 200-300 years old, if they wish, after having dedicated themselves to the tenets of freedom, studying/discovering/creativity and leisure. Having children would no longer be  motivated by a short life span and thus whatever fear to have missed the boat. Kids would be born with an elevated consciousness as a result. Such an advanced society would not choose to merge with machines (to integrate a binary element into human body) but fully master the aging processes and stem cell therapies – thus able to rejuvenate cells whenever needed.

By freedom here it is meant that such a society adheres a to the “no coercion” template which is taught to kids as the only way to avoid “serfdom” by the few. People would also exclusively learn just about everything during the first 100 years of their lives and beyond if ever wished so. A society that is pro-Knowledge is concerned about intellectual stagnation and always will make sure that educational gaps between people never become too big as it is how and why revolutions/upheavals occur.  Such a society would not be obsessed with perfection and manage setbacks as a better way to handle matters without choosing repression first. Criminality would remain extremely low. 

So everybody voluntarily studies to re-update her/himself on a regular basis. Such much longer life spans also, as you can guess, mean that the interest in materialism is very low and that monetarism is regarded as totally irrational. Life is to consciously prepare reuniting with The Source and is thus more spiritual. Those willing to live even longer would choose to take part in outer space missions (with no chance of ever returning) to find other planets and spread the Seeds of Life where deemed necessary by AI whose algorithm has been entirely programed to respect of Life. 

PS: if you think that the above paragraphs are utopia driven, let’s go back to our current reality now and look into what the future entails.. should Darwinism never be overcome as the prospect of AI wars becomes more certain by the day.

When Immortality Becomes The Cradle Of All Fears

Immortality is a big time sell and so many are falling for it… the  more knowledge the bigger the threats. Like today neutron bombs could destroy the entire planet. What cavemen could not do…  It is technological tribalism nonetheless. AI will bring human farming up  to higher level and use the internet of things to create a cyber prison. What is the GRAND plan. 

Immortality will just be available for the top 1%, even though they would have to upload themselves in several quantum/mega computers to avoid death continually as cyber wars will be raging.  They will be living in fear 24/7 to be annihilated by a much smarter grid or “social rebel hackers”. Once the hive mind (brain interface connected to the internet) is in place, it will be simple to wage war as millions could easily be wiped out by other AI malwares. Knowledge is infinite, and so will remain the threats.  The desire to become immortal blinds many to the reality and is sold  to the masses to obtain their consent to further this feudalistic cyber structure. 

This spiritual battle for Humanity’ Soul that is very ancient and must be resolved before the birth of a strong AI predicted by 2025, and which will redefine what to do with it as it is “alien” to our planet… should a critical mass wake up and take over.  

Mark Passio The Earth is A Free Range Human Farm


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