Monetized Altruism Is Responsible For The World Destruction & The Need For Voluntaryism

The Ethics Of Altruism: 

Positively altruism will have long lasting effects when: 

1. Nothing is asked in return, cannot be traded either, otherwise it is a form of monetization and can be used as blackmail. ‘Since you cannot help me, I will not help you either‘ so to speak. 

2.When people in the need ask for help only, otherwise others will take advantage of it eventually. 

3 .When it is not monetized, otherwise it will spread corruption like wildfire. Cannot generate profits for all parties involved.

4. When people volunteer exclusively (no salary for helping others)

5. Not enforced: nobody can dictate the parameters of altruism, one cannot forced people to be generous

6. When acting locally, that’s the only way for good actions to ripple through

That is as far as it goes to avoid the negative side effects which are: 

1. Socialism, which is monetized altruism and has corrupted so many minds. People do whatever they can to get benefits from social programs, such as food stamps, etc

2. Biggest Charities’ CEOs earning a high six-figure, some of which almost 1 million dollars/year

3. Humanitarian aid has corrupted all the “recipient countries”, doesn’t work and these developing countries go through military coups and other political upheavals. As a result, our charitable UN unsuccessfully attempts to impose peace by arms while violence ever increases worldwide.

4. Sustaining the divide and conquer: The Right spend on war and the left spends on social programs. As a result, both put us on the edge of financial ruin. This means that the latter are the same 2 headed Hydra monster. 

5. The above is generally financed by taxpayers, so do the math… not to mention the so-called foundations that funnel donations between themselves, will finance only those supporting their platforms, so more can be donated back to the same foundations. 

6. Financing war under the guise to protect populations and the economy has always been an “easy sell”. 

7. Monetized altruism is not preventive, otherwise it would put itself out of business

And when you have a second , please make a quick search on Vatican’s wealth.  Bankers’ best guesses put it at $15 billion but it is impossible to pin it down. Shouldn’t Vatican get rid of all its wealth first since it claims to represent the church of God and the virtues of altruism? Moreover, what does it say about the Christian ethics of altruism when Christians are not told about its pros and cons? 

Anybody considering the above seriously will have to realize the dangerous path we’ve embarked on. Read it again slower a 2nd time if necessary: “altruism is destroying the planet”. The only fashion to heal the world is to get rid of monetarism. Yes, the red pill might be hard to swallow but there is no other way to put an end to this programming inducing the illusion of security and sweet bondage. 

Monetized altruism is lethal and there is no other way to benefit from its positive aspects as long as everybody follows the money. That is precisely why the Earth Custodians Movement will only focus on online advertising and a minimalist channel (on all the media possible such as YT, Vimeo, Dtube, etc) to spread the word starting 2018.  

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