Patenting Knowledge And The Origins Of Power

Another aberration of our civilization, besides that of owning Earth, is owning Knowledge. This harmful concept goes  far back into history: the “mystery schools” of the antiquity, which most likely began in the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, then were embraced by the Greeks. The Royal Library of Alexandria was one of the  largest and most significant libraries in the entire Mesopotamia. The latter is also famous for having been burned, thus resulting in the loss of many  scrolls and books. 

Although historians would hope us to endorse the official narrative saying that it was an accident, book-burning episodes have dotted societies: for many centuries it has remained more efficient than the prohibition of knowledge. Very often too, the masses did happily participate in such book-burning events. All of them were meant to control the past and of course, rewrite history. Criminal arson satisfies many inquiring minds and agendas alike: in many occasions, very rare manuscripts and books that ‘miraculously’ escaped destruction often landed into the vaults of religious institutions or (foreign) monarchies. Today, we have the mass media telling us what to know and also influencing the entire educational system. As long as the pyramidal structure remains unaddressed, we should not hold our breath. 

The Origins of Power

What most people won’t admit easily is that power is the result of a collusion of influential people, regardless of their social ranks. Cartels, mobs, gangs, etc… we find the same characteristics in every social, scientific, political and financial department. When going down the ladder of command, we also can notice that many are interested in directing others. They are called managers, CEOs, supervisors, etc: the latter too extract their power from “being in the know” at their own level. Kids also exhibit the same patterns. What is essential to grasp here, is that it is a taught behavior. Children learn it from cartoons and movies, and more negatively watching siblings and friends. The cultivation of power is a systemic dogma. So when people happen to shake their head, contending that it is the human nature, well far to the contrary… no it is not. It is about time to think of the unthinkable: that the change must come from each individual first. 

Going back to the beginning of this blog, ‘mystery schools initiates’ pondered what the masses would do if they could access all the knowledge that exists in the Universe. The verdict was ‘collective guillotine‘. They voted for the control of knowledge as they feared that the vast majority would not be able to access the right education to handle It .  Even a philosopher like Plato encouraged the move. And that was it: under such dark auspices, the educational system was born…  to keep masses perpetually conditioned. And from there began to spread what are called ‘secret societies‘, which have become esoteric mobs, using Metaphysical Knowledge to imprison humanity further. 

Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks

The latter are the mere continuation of controlling the release of Knowledge. There have been, and still are, brilliant discoveries that cannot see the day as they are stored in vaults for many decades to come. Copyright laws make also no sense as no idea is totally original, but for example, paradoxically allow to sue whoever tries to improve classified concepts that could save us (and the planet) from our dreadful hyperconsumerism generated by ‘planned obsolescence’. As for trademarks, the latter help consolidate monopolies in many ways. 

Our society is trapped into a insidious pyramidal-control grid that can only dissolve if each individual quits his/her own power game in his/her own life, and which is a programming implemented before 8 years of age. It is extremely important to understand that about 70-80% of emotional programming is the basis of how humans react today. In no way, this is the true Human Nature. We live in The Perpetually Creating Universe and there cannot be any limitation to the expansion of consciousness (… to be continued)

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