Your Greed, My Greed… OUR Greed

As stipulated in the essays ‘The Empathic Society and Currency’, Empathy has always been the answer to resolve conflicts but since the Consensus ignored it for so long, an insidious countdown has started with the advance of technology, especially which in the field of weaponry and makes it obvious as why Empathy must resonate within and exposes power as the mother of all illusions. Power requires Fear to be sustained and has thrown Humanity into a ‘polarity vortex’ that only Empathy can bring back to Equilibrium.

Your Greed, My Greed, Our Greed?

First, one needs to look at the mechanism by which a monopoly comes into existence. Without this observation it is not even thinkable to change what is. Masses quickly speak about “greed” when approaching the topic of the corporate monsters ruling the planet. But what is greed exactly: is it only bad when one has a lot of money? Is it only okay to self-restrain, save, always look up for the best deals, financially wise, when one is from the (low) middle class? That the rich should not pay any attention to the way money is spent? When brainstorming these aspects, we quickly realize that almost everybody is “greedy”.   And that’s where things begin to make sense a little bit more.  

Now that the “greed factor” has been established, we ought to look at society as a greedy pyramid, every level of greed benefiting from the inferior levels, and so on.  And this means of course that the “greed at the very top* merely channels and funnels all the greed accumulated from the deep bottom and whole way up.  This is truly how the system works.

There only way to circumvent the “greed effect” is to use the best deals and profits to spread the words about such frameworks –  in order to obtain a critical mass that will eventually revolutionize the Whole and cause a paradigm shift down the road, rather sooner than later. 

In this sense blaming corporations for our miseries, and planetary state of affairs, cannot help us resolve the core dilemma: they are us and we are them. That is a terrible and very upsetting revelation but this conclusion is embedded in the Universe as the Holographic Principle, or Principle of Correspondence. That the processes taking place on lower levels also occurs on higher planes. There is nothing humans can do about it but just be aware of it.  Every time we see too much coercion around us, we should look into our selves first for the dissonance within.  

The Act of Creation is the most daunting motion as it also constantly demands to let go the old, stretches and collapses paradigms, while ever widening the meaning of Reality. The problem is that education teaches the exact opposite by imposing norms. Any new element invading the daily routine is met which such a challenge that most prefer to rely on (whatever) organizations to do the thinking for them.  When the Act of Creation serves the ‘art of killing’ and ‘monetary speculation’, there is only one aftermath possible as the dynamics is exponential, and which can only translate into devastating shocks to the system. 

The nature of the Act of Creation is benevolent and there cannot be any benevolence in any profit driven system, because such  a system is designed for the fittest. The widespread mindset of chasing profit and the so-called best deals, greed, is at the core of world afflictions and upheavals. And we only will be able to address them when each of us take responsibility for what is.

Jiddu Krishnamurti: “To ask the ‘right’ question is far more important than to receive the answer”  

More Knowledge does not lead to more wealth but less materialism. With the responsibility of knowing comes which of understanding the very dual nature of Life and that a money free society governed by the Act of Creation is the only path possible to explore and achieve world peace and more importantly, Infinite Awareness. (to be continued) 


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