Decentralization At Odds With ‘Owning Earth’, The Deadliest Paradigm Ever

The essence of strategy is to align your ends with your means: to match your goals and your resources — Walter Russell

Being an earth custodian starts first with the understanding of Natural Laws, immutable principles that man cannot bend, bypass nor ignore. Man-made laws have chosen (by design)  to completely remain oblivious to the latter. Man-made laws espouse moral relativism, which causes more harm than good therefore. A small street drug dealer generally goes to jail but a cartel owner just has to bribe to thrive. Such an inequality is systemic and has existed since the dawn of times. Yet many people would agree that it is terribly unjust, while surrendering to the idea of social determinism. So how can we even begin to address the problems in the world with such a moral relativist point of view? That is an awful slippery slope. Is it okay to kill people when one is in a position of power? Arm sales are going through the roof as you read this. An anti-moral relativist stance would be which that condones a life sentence for any WMD designer, engineer to start with. The art of killing is an industry that needs to be dismantled.

Ownership is the centerpiece of centralization

No monetary system will ever match the generosity of Earth — and the idea to own Nature is not only a paradox but a recipe to justify endless plunder and human rights abuse. Capitalism is based on ownership rights to start with and centralization uses that very premise to consolidate power in the hands of the very few.  We cannot have it both ways. Additionally – or rather should we say cynically – owning earth cannot be without owning life and world corporations are the absolute embodiment of such fallacious premise. Everything is either corrupt, poisoned or altered and the human suffering is skyrocketing around the globe. Even humanitarian organizations are capitalizing on distress and death, they have never been capable of preventing anything as a result, or they would put themselves out of business. As long as owning earth remains our paradigm, things will simply not change.

Owning earth, thus life, also means owning knowledge because only knowledge can allow some to remain the main owners of civilizations and restrict/expand ownership as they see fit and to suit their own interests. In this sense, being denied the access to knowledge and centralization are bed fellows. Millions of college students struggle to pay their loans and most likely will never be able to pay them back as technological unemployment appears on the horizon. Let’s not mince our words, they have been taken for a ride by a system that promised them security through the ownership of diplomas. This illustrates pretty well the perverse distribution of ‘knowledge ownership’. Lawmakers and IT moguls already knew that jobs would permanently vanish at some point more than 30-40 years ago and did nothing to prepare the masses.

Decentralization, to conclude, does not depend on radical changes in regulations first but the comprehension that life has to prioritize experiences as opposed to amassing wealth. This awareness alone will be the catalyst to change the laws. It doesn’t work the other way round. That the way we regard ownership will never bring about any happiness – nor security. Ever, never. Far to the contrary. After millennia of such a devious paradigm, here we are, on the brink of another world war, an epic debt debacle and threatened with 40% of joblessness. This time is truly different as the *shift* will occur within the next 8 years or so. Possibly 10 at the most. A prediction based on the projection that A.I will self-teach and replicate as explained in the podcast below.

The Earth Custodians Movement is for humans wishing to remain humans; refutes both capitalism, socialism (any form of monetarism/trade/barter); is an endeavor promoting mindset transitioning to escape the gulag of an hunger game type of society, managed by a technocracy that will determine the income that individuals need to avoid starvation and a have roof over their heads.

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