A Money-Free Planet Is Reality!

Realistic because technology and automation are taking over, eliminating paid labor

Realistic because conflicts for natural resources and arms races go hand in hand

Realistic because competition demands neglecting the planet for the sake of profits

Realistic because the world debt has reached an unbearable threshold, we're bankrupt

Realistic because it's more profitable to continue the problems allowing corruption to spin out of control

Realistic because global corporate debt is skyrocketing and is now a mega threat

Realistic because money subverts romantic emotions and friendships. Relationships are increasingly artificial

Realistic because technology and automation will make competition obsolete

Realistic because corporations profit more from all kinds of conflicts

Realistic because corporations do not have the money to clean-up after themselves

Realistic because the world debt has enslaved several future generations

Realistic because competition encourages the conformity of the masses

Realistic because humans' body parts are now more lucrative than illegal drugs

Realistic because debts fuel inflation and erode purchasing power ever further

A Money Free-Planet Is Also Common Sense

Realistic because consumerism without planned obsolescence wouldn't work

Realistic because profits demands neglecting human costs

Realistic because following the money twists and dictates most social behaviors

Realistic because following the money prevents going after the too 'big to fail'

Realistic because profits-seeking restricts individual options and encourages elite collusion

Realistic because the rates of human trafficking and pedophilia are beyond belief,and getting worse

Realistic because The Internet Of Things is becoming a cyber prison for the sake of power and money

Realistic because value will forever remain subjective, hence value must be enforced

Realistic because some will always control the value of the currency, hence freedom cannot exist

Realistic because, one way or another, Mother Earth does not allow to take more out than what one puts in.
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"The sum total of each man's giving determines the standard of man's civilization. Unity of man
has always been impossible in a world of fear and discontent where every man fears every other man as an enemy -- Walter Russell"

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