This fundraiser was launched to facilitate the making of a 45min long documentary elaborating on the social imperative to embrace a money-free system worldwide, and whose completion may be expected this Winter 2017/2018. The film will establish that it is the only choice left by exposing the staggering evidence that Earth and her Inhabitants are on the brink and fast approaching a tipping point. This time around though, the question isn't about hoping to muddle through but dare confront the legacy of our materialistic escalation throughout the centuries.

Secondarily, this fundraiser will also support the draft of Blueprint For a Voluntary and Futuristic Society, Man As Earth Custodian, which can be summarized as a set of guidelines, or ideas, putting emphasis on the respect for Life and the redefinition of the words Freedom and Free Thinking.

The Earth Custodians Movement is both, an ambitious and humbling project at once. It is dedicated to jump start a movement focusing on the awareness that Humanity and Nature have to be protected by seeking the termination of their monetization. Greed is a mere symptom that many see as a sole and easy explanation, while the core issue is profiting from Earth giving away unconditionally and free of charge. When such an immutable nurturing principle is regarded and treated as a market share, its exploitation becomes inevitable and eventually turns into a pillage causing environmental destruction and human suffering to increase exponentially. The Earth Custodians fundraiser intends to reach out to people who have begun to seek answers or realize the impasse we are faced with - or are already in the know. Pointing at the collusion between culprits has had little to no effect at all because Earth's immutable laws only recognize self-responsibility.

Joining this cause is highly rewarding as it also represents a unique opportunity to change what is. Earth Custodians are realists in action above all because their clarity of mind always focuses on knowing as opposed to sensing. Imagining a world populated with Earth Custodians is realistic, far to the contrary. What is unrealistic is to watch sufferings on TV while feeling trapped, depressed. Waking up every day feeling stressed out or hopeless to no end, allowing the survival mode to shatter our passions and dreams. There lies the causality fueling more fears about the future and condoning materialism as an escape. Way to many people have a job they hate to start with because of financial duties. When honestly probing such trends, the latter can be traced back to the monetization of Life itself. Paying for one's right to Life is, in a nutshell, an aberration that only a change of premise and mindset can address: moving from the ownership of the planet to the custody of the latter.

Beyond the thrill of launching this fundraiser, we remain very aware that the success of our project rests on the support of many other realistic individuals tired with obsolete concepts, grasping that materialism has been stretched to a breaking point (there is no way back), and that it is about time to conceptualize an extremely bold move. Authentic Earth Custodians do not place Earth before the individuals but comprehend the symbiosis of the relationship, the absolute necessity to bring about the end of Darwinism at a human level, seek to use their dominion over Nature to co-create with Her. Earth Custodians' motto is thus Life First, it's Wholeness and Oneness!

More importantly, Earth Custodians regard Knowledge as a tool for boundariless discoveries to resolve the arising dilemmas - and also threats generated by technocratic age. Blueprint... will indeed propose a bold solution as how to circumvent them without advocating for the implementation of a block on knowledge sending society back to the pre-industrialization era, and which should considerably smooth out any radical backlash already lurking from the shadows. Knowledge is unstoppable and the mind has to adapt regardless of the challenges and risks. Robotics and megacomputers are already gradually and surely taking over jobs and within the next generation the word 'employment' will be regarded as an oddity. This rising trend will ultimately demand to question the future of money and directly benefit The Earth Custodians Movement. These are serious and daunting issues but not insurmountable if probing the heart of the matter from an other perspective as expounded in Blueprint....

The documentary and Blueprint... are both inspired by a long-term assessment of these highly detrimental materialistic trends and the realization that all negative aspects have their upside, contain a positive element enabling the escape from circular thinking, hence any harmful situation. The inertia of our financial system itself tearing to its end is an ideal catalyst to birth a brand new paradigm, spread the word, and help envision a non-Darwinian driven society - while encouraging not only individual healing but also that of Earth.

Every generation has birthed its own countless movements trying to shake things up, but they all tended to fall short because earth wasn't in the critical condition that she is today. None of those movements really helped make a difference because they never questioned the flaws inherent to monetarism. Contrary to a popular assumption, the crisis didn't start with the rise of the industrialization era but a faulty premise that came about along with the inception of money. Our precarious situation is therefore not a coincidence. Although the clock is ticking, the outcome is not set in stone yet, would we dare reconsider entirely what has been taken for granted for so long, and which is harmful to the fabric of society and the environment as well.

Our Movement does not align itself with any 'Earth Day' followers, though for sure has its own metaphilosophical Russellian roots. Walter Russell's most important works are without a doubt The Universal One, Atomic Suicide and The Secret of Light, all available on this site under the 'blueprint tab'. Russell, along with Nikola Tesla, developed the concept of free energy.

The sum total of each man's giving determines the standard of man's civilization. Unity of man has always been impossible in a world of fear and discontent where every man fears every other man as an enemy -- Walter Russell.”