Series Of Shorts

What You Weren't Told About Freedom,
Utopia And The Universe

Although Walter Russell (1871 - 1963) had for sure brilliantly described the inevitable challenges of any financial stucture, he hadn't foreseen that society would be heading to a jobless future barely 60 or so years after his passing. As a matter of fact, Moore's Law, a theory predicting the increasing pace of computers' performance, was outlined in 1965.

A series of shorts will convey the most urgent problems earth and humanity must deal with, along with the causality of monetary aspects shaping 4,000 years of Darwinian dialectics. Its conclusion will also tackle the emergency to think and act locally in a decentralized fashion, stress the urge to spread the word and justify the paradox, supported by the right mindset, to defeat circular thinking and thus use money as a mean to unlock human potential.

The production will feature footage of the world most hard hitting issues and short clips of people from eclectic backgrounds.

Although exposing the facts is ncessary, the material will definitely attempt to stay away from other 'Whodunit' materials but rather elaborate on personal responsibility. For centuries long societies have complained and pointed the finger and obviously it didn't help them in any way. It is the evidence that a shift in thinking must occur.

The release of the first episodes is expected some time early 2018, as we are still evaluating the most efficient cinematic narrative to convey our message. By that time also, our team should be formed. We might welcome the support of a 2nd film editor very soon, so please get in touch if interested and you have a film editing software installed on your computer.

The Fundraiser

Soon after 9-11, we came to the conclusion that the world debt was awfully under-reported and dreadfully unsustainable, and that we would witness in our lifetime TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). The global leverage amounted to almost 5 times the global GDP already back then, long-term liabilities non included, and has been ever growing since - and not to mention, environmentally extremely harmful since hyperconsumerism and speculation are the direct byproducts of monetarism, debt-based economies just make the matter worse. It has to be grasped that just any monetary system will prompt anybody, within a pyramid of consumption, to look for a so-called good deal. Either to save or just for the sake of hoarding. Every time we either save or hoard (seek to accumulate wealth), we distort Nature's equilibrium or zero-sum game, and thus create scarcity and poverty. Corporations and the vast majority of consumers alike will always prefer what is cheap-er. Even luxury brands at the production level choose slave labor. Unfortunately, the purchasing power being steadily eroded (by the world debt) indicates that saving or hoarding are about to become a thing of the past because this time, the economy will never pick up again. Within less than 20 years from now, the majority of population will be jobless. By 2020, mainstream sources predict that 6% of the workforce will permanently be replaced with robots or megacomputers - but such an estimate is conservative: 15% will be more likely. The world is approaching the last frontier and seeing far ahead of the curve requires a tremendous amount of creativity.

Beware: money-less or cashless does not mean money-free per se! We are in favor of endeavors such as the Ubundu Movement in South Africa and praise the concept of a resource based economy as long as it remains decentralized and non-coercive. Our field of action is to provide people with the intellectual tools to facilitate 'mindset transitioning'. Donations, however, will go toward using the inertia of a system on the brink to breed a new one, just like Aikido, a martial art teaching how to use the opponent's dynamics to one's advantage. This phase is necessary to get the word out and eventually take the world by storm, until a critical mass is reached. Once that very critical mass becomes reality, the need for a transition will become obvious and supported by the evidence of countless waves of joblessness rippling through the system. The word of mouth will take over and replace all financial contributions.

How can people help?
This fundraiser will remain ongoing and will not only allow the making of a documentary and the draft of Blueprint For a Voluntary and Futuristic Society, Man As Earth Custodian to come to fruition but also help fund the Movement's advertizing objectives on the internet. This budget will, of course, depend on generosity and the ads will start as soon as the $1,500 bench mark is reached. The progress of the advertizing campaign will be reported on this page every time a new banner is released on the internet.

As soon as The Earth Custodians Fundraiser reaches 3,000 dollars in donations, we will file for a non-profit status dedicated to the cause at a much higher level and help people prepare transitioning toward a money-free society (what could take up to a generation) via free online brainstorming workshops . And why not, hosting its own radio show. Ideas are not lacking. Moreover, it doesn't really matter as to whether we'll be seeing this project come true in our lifetime, what really matters is that we quit hoping that the next generation will take care of this heavy burden, because this is what led us to the impasse to start with. All what counts is that this endeavor rings true to your own heart and mind only. The Earth Custodians Movement looks forward to propelling a major intellectual shift in the West. Moreover, the Movement hasn't any transhumanist - nor posthumanist - affiliation at all. It is designed for and by individuals wishing to remain humans but also foreseeing the need for new ethical guidelines addressing these trends.

Ideally, a minimum of $2,500 monthly to support this ongoing project would be appreciated but it is a beginning and it may take some time to take off. Although ready to work around the clock, we'll gracefully accept what destiny provides us with. We are journeying with our higher-self, thus confident about the synchronicity at play here.

Please do not miss our mission statement for more info about this incredible adventure on the edge of the impossible: that of Man setting Himself free and seeking to live a life in full awareness.

Right now, your support is very much needed to spread the word. No donation amount is too small.

Preparing For Basic Income Deception

“When the human race learns how to give and regive equally each will be enriched. He who withholds that which he should give to another impoverishes both himself and the other -- Walter Russell.”