First and foremost, the Movement exists as a platform for self-investigation and awakening, and pledges to team up with like-minded individuals. It is a Movement aiming at helping people think for themselves, one at the time, because there lies the answer of all our ills. Humanity has to come to term with its fragmentation and regain its interconnectedness in thought. Holistic thinking must be restored. However, the concept of a money-free system isn't new at all, has been around for quite a while. The current conjecture is merely telling us that time has come to for its decentralized implementation. We decided to join the rank of precursors and are looking forward to getting seriously noticed in our field of action. The Movement also expects to become publishing center for out-the-box thinkers whose voices espouse the reality of universal and immutable principles.

The good news is that the tide is turning. More and more people are beginning to acknowledge the checkmate and are seeing their dreams vanish, whether it be the college student finding out about the real cost of that his degree, the factory worker or cab driver and the surgeon realizing that technology will eventually replace them.

Sure, living also implies to make errors and learn from them and making corrections as soon as the opportunity presents itself. But when observing the systemic environmental destruction and all these cultural wars around us, we ought to take a deep breath in, and begin to question the values that were passed onto us and wonder how we did get so close to the edge of the precipice. The amount of human suffering today in the world is about to reach an unbearable threshold, and there is no time to point at special corporate or political interests as the main culprits anymore. The responsibility is ours - each of us - and it has always been so. The Movement is absolutely not another group think but welcomes anybody who wants to give self-responsibility a chance. Its sole aim is to spread the word. The Movement wants to establish itself as lighthouse that can be seen from afar with your direct involvement.

The Earth Custodians started like a dream which became a realistic vision almost 15 years later. That is how long it took to ponder and assess that our materialistic frameworks are beginning to collapse under their own weight, and that nothing will improve them as their flaws are embedded in the premise itself. Materialism greatly increases the sense of inner insecurity because everything has a price tag (if one cannot afford it, one doesn't deserve it), even love and friendship after a certain while. Even spending money has too a cost attached, which is one of the purposes of 'interest rates' imposed upon circulating currencies.

The Earth Custodians Movement hasn't any transhumanist - nor posthumanist - affiliation at all. It is designed for and by individuals wishing to remain humans (accepting death as a life cycle, though looking forward to longer life spans) but also foreseeing the need for new ethical guidelines addressing these trends. Paying to have the right to Life comes down to endorsing predatory behaviors and a bullying meritocracy. If man was given the dominion over Nature it is precisely to find an escape from Darwinism. When scrutinizing long enough the inner working of such frameworks, one has to admit that money generates widespread servitude. But the destruction of Nature on an unprecedented scale is catching up with us, not to mention the possibility of another world war. The 20th century has killed more people than all others combined. Such math do not lie.

The Movement isn't a crusade but destined to move ahead with a pre-existing awareness - people who have connected many dots already or trying to do so - weaved into the fabric of society. For more than 4000 years societies have lamented about being afflicted by the same scourges over and over and to no avail. Though, what has changed this time is Nature's brutal alteration caused by a voracious run up for profits that only and really benefits less than a top one percent. 4000 years to get to this point is enough to shake one's head in disbelief. What needs to occur is a change in mindset. And this is the main message of The Earth Custodians Movement. That if we understand the extreme damage done to Nature, we also can realize the level of harm done to ourselves. Our argument is thus irrefutable.

Plaforms And Volunteering
Becoming An Earth Custodian

The Movement also projects to become a publishing center for out-the-box thinkers whose voices espouse the reality of universal and immutable principles

Contributors are able to submit their work directly to our blog (using a login). Please send us a sample of your writing or pitch your work to us via email to be considered. If you have a video that you would like to share and relevant to the Movement, please email us the link and we'll insert it on this page or blog.

If interested in participating in our metaphilosophical platform but do not know where to start yet, please become familiar with the ideas formulated in the 'blueprint section' to stimulate your own creativity, spread holistic thinking and voluntarism to heal the planet from the pervasive and divisive 'us versus them impasse' monetarism needs to sustain itself.

As a matter of fact, in our world today, even individual charity is under threat. Helping others in the need directly doesn't have any lasting effect because money also operates as a time device. A vast majority of people must follow the money even faster than a generation ago because their purchasing power is losing steam. Unless money is used as a Trojan Horse to shift the paradigm while allowing to keep the focus on the whole picture, the problem at the core won't go away while still growing exponentially, all of which locks conflicts even deeper. This because money, just like anything else, has a dual purpose. Only one polarity offers a path toward the exit and the resolution of the crisis. Please read our Earth Custodians Open Letter Series if you need further input.

Everybody is welcome to join our discussion forum and meet with other like-minded. Please make sure to read the guidelines before posting and replying threads. Register today, even if you want to lurk a bit before posting anything: the more registered users we get, the faster the forum will take off. We will welcome the help of a volunteer to moderate the forum.

Submission Guidelines:
All topics considered but must be 'Life First!' oriented, and this means: advocating for decentralization, awareness optimization and self-responsibility, mankind's betterment and/or metaphysical concerns. Objective analyses of the current global frameworks and monetary policies in place are too encouraged.

“All of man's wars are based upon TAKING. There could be no war based upon GIVING. In the business world, unwise men take more that they give. They do not realize that they are breaking the Universal Law which will eventually break them to an equal extent -- Walter Russell.”