Letting Go Religion, A Much Greater Menace In The Mind Of Many People?

ALT-MARKET: The reality is that people must be psychologically conditioned to trade freedom for the illusion of safety. Sometimes this takes generations.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Somewhat true, it has been this way since about millennia. Realistically speaking freedom has never existed, most governments always had their spies and snitches happy to denounce the heretics.

Therefore, the most successful tyranny would be one that the public DEMANDS. They have to think it is their idea, otherwise they will eventually fight it.

An external threat, like an invasion or/and trade war always does it, both endanger national and individual security alike. That is why nationalism is a double edged sword and has been too often used to wave the flag and rally people.

Because of this century old pattern, the policy of open borders in a money free society is the best option. As long as economics exists, nations will fight over whatever. The concept of borders is a con game. Man has to be allowed to settle wherever he wishes. Freely. Nationalism deprives man from one of his most fundamental birth rights!

Globalist financiers and power addicts need something more than mere military might or bureaucratic force to obtain their ideal slave society.

Right, that is where “distractions” usually come into play as they prevent the average individual from thinking too far.

… it all begins and ends with the economy. If the public can be prepped to develop their own alternative economic systems before a crisis occurs, then they will be less distracted by the chaos…

Earth Custodians’ currency is a combination of purpose, contribution and cooperation. Monetarism prevents from achieving that as it coerces people into following the path of the least resistance, aka easy money. Fraud is systemic.

In fact, money makes also people intellectually lazy: most fantasize about easy fixes such as winning the lottery, a job promotion, buying a house or owning stocks whose value will forever increase, robbery, etc.

… the working public becomes reliant on the service sector, which provides no useful skill sets. Soon, you have entire generations of people with no production abilities whatsoever. They become drones working in meaningless office and retail jobs squandering away their days knowing that they are accomplishing nothing beyond a meager paycheck.

Then these people find themselves on the credit card thread mill, or government programs.

Again, financial desperation and a lack of productions skills tends to produce subservience. Hundreds of millions of poverty stricken people in India’s sprawling urban sewers are voluntarily giving up their biometric data in exchange for government aid programs.

India, and China, are an interesting blueprint for what is coming to the West — and why Universal Basic Income is another evil in disguise.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin has put the Yarovaya laws he signed in 2016 into effect. All digital data from phone conversations to emails is now recorded and stored by telecoms for government access for a minimum of six months, this includes Facebook and Twitter posts.

No place to hide: today even the US president can call ALL the cellphone numbers at once.

China is representative of the end game for the globalist ideal for civilization. With mass economic struggle leading to dependency on government welfare programs and employment opportunities, few citizens can afford to be “blacklisted.” China’s social credit system creates an environment in which any and every action on the part of citizens is tracked and then “rated” for acceptance or consequence.

An example worth 1000 words: Censorship is raging everywhere, CERN Suspends Italian Physicist Over Remarks Seen as Sexist, after he allegedly denied that physics suffers from a male gender biashttps://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cern-suspends-italian-physicist-over-remarks-seen-as-sexist/

Punishment might include loss of access to the economy itself, and when most people are living from paycheck to paycheck, this could mean death. … FULL ARTICLE: How Globalists Plan To Use Technology And Poverty To Enslave The Masses http://www.alt-market.com/articles/3542-how-globalists-plan-to-use-technology-and-poverty-to-enslave-the-masses

Although making many valid points, the OP doesn’t delve far enough. Here is the curse and the blessing: people want to belong because they know that without the collective, they cannot survive. It is a genetic propensity because human cooperation is vital for the survival of the species. The global elites are aware of this genetic reality, and abuse it to no end.

While monetarism activates the evils that have infiltrated many layers of society over time, the “religion factor” also represents 50% of the issue. Monetarism and religions are the same two-headed dragon.

And letting go one’s religion is a much greater menace in the mind of many people. So on one hand we have the not-so religious folks holding on to their material possessions and, on the other hand, religious fundamentalism taking hold. Both trends are tearing apart society and now reaching a breaking point.

Yes, let’s think about that.

  1. New agers believe that the meditation bubble will save them (ignore evil and it will go away)
  2. Christians are waiting for the Revelation, the 2nd coming
  3. Hindus, no matter what they know about Maya, think the illusion is inescapable
  4. Buddhism is all about working on the next reincarnation(s)
  5. Muslims think that without Sharia Laws and 36 virgins, the Koran cannot survive
  6. Jewish people regard themselves as the chosen ones, a debilitating approach

The some good insights they all share are unfortunately overshadowed by the same elites which drafted those religious doctrines to precisely enslave the human psyches.

There is a reason as why religions must be taught before 7 years of age. Because the unconscious, or subconscious, will accept everything as the truth without any resistance.

The planet needs a major spiritual overhaul… all religions will have to go, along with our ponzi economic structure to free and optimize human potential. No more less!

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