What You Were Not Told About Cholesterol Medication

The whole structure of social care is under threat and highlights, once again, the dire consequences of science and medicine for profit. Bigpharma is cashing in at every street corner, but for how long?

If the predictions work for the UK, Europe and America will be faced with the same dire challenges as the “aging and medicated West” is a reality. A fact.

Every day we able to gather enough data establishing that all fields of society suffer from the same ailment. Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts and they surely help set the timeline of human servitude, and prove that the world is in the hands of a global psychopathic market, which is illegitimate but acts within the laws drafted by and for the corporate predators. Just follow the money trail.

Statins Industry Now Valued at $29 Billion – Mercola.com

The FDA itself has admitted that statin drugs are harmful but didn’t take any action. All good, BigPharma does not listen anyway, its market strategies continue unabated. Cynically statin drugs are another cash-cow, because many are overweight or obese, and thus suffer from bad cholesterol. But all can be traced back to unhealthy diets promoted by the food industry and TV commercials.

The “pendulum”, also called the Law Of Rhythm, is about to hit back again: all the people who have been taking statin drugs for quite a while are now aging, and many of them will develop cognitive failures. The Law of Rhythm is particularly insightful as the latter tells us that anything set into motion, either good or bad, occurs in cycles. When it is good, we are being rewarded for our wisdom… when it is bad, it comes back with a vengeance. It is also known as: what goes around comes around. Indeed, time has come for humans to get it:

Monetizing life is monetizing The One Source of all things. Life is not for sale! In no way will materialism ever be able to regulate a supranatural phenomenon such as Life. Either we accept that and move toward a money-free society … or suffer the consequences.

Social care needs for over-85s predicted to double in next 20 years (sept 2018)

The number of people in the UK aged 85 or older who require round-the-clock help to eat, dress, wash and go to the toilet will almost double over the next 20 years, research has suggested, highlighting the explosion in social care needs. An estimated 446,000 of over-85s will have “high dependency” care needs by 2035…. Overall, more than 1 million people aged 65 or over will require intensive social care assistance by 2035, up from 783,000 in 2015, it predicted, with increasing numbers of people living into old age with multiple long-term conditions. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/aug/30/social-care-needs-for-over-85s-predicted-to-double-in-next-20-years

Alzheimer’s Linked To Statin Drugs FDA Warning!
(cholesterol-lowering drug statin has dire consequences)

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