The Nature Of Reality And New 3D ‘Human Replicas’ For More Fake News?

One thing advanced technology teaches us, is that the of “Nature Of Reality” appears more and more elusive as knowledge progresses. And in order to tame any conflicts of interest, coercion will have to be dealt with. Because any conflicts we do not resolve entice “those in the know” to further their control. The willingness to achieve harmony is the only “long-term life insurance” that exists, and which starts with integrity.

Money is also a time device as timing is decided by the top 1%, which is in term of knowledge way ahead. Insider trading for example proves this since it allows whoever to anticipate faster the moves of the market. And all what it means is that any new technology will benefit them first. And by the time the average individual gets it, the 1% will have jumped onto something else that is even more cutting edge. So the point here is that monetarism is inimical to the spread of knowledge as it centralizes the latter in the hands of the meritocrats.

It is becoming urgent that people develop a high level of awareness, or consciousness, and comprehend that if peace does not win over our current world state of affairs, the chance to ever break free may vanish faster than we think.

The Nature of Reality is supranatural, hence anything we create will end up mimicking the same “magic”. There is only One Science in the entire Universe, but two mindsets: domination or cooperation. Domination requires to keep society into an animal state of survival, while cooperation demands a higher awareness level and integrity. As a matter of fact, trying to circumvent any flaws within our framework strengthens them. This is the Law Of Polarity.

Such a train of thought is for sure extremely daunting because realizing this, goes along with accepting that the Unknown will forever remain in charge, and that if we do not approach any bit of knowledge without the intention to harm and coerce, this knowledge will enslave further. This is the Law Of Mentalism.

Today we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy much of the life on earth for centuries. Indeed, what is wrong with this picture?

New 3D ‘human replica’ technology could take worries about fake news to new heights

3 Sep, 2018 17:03
…. Computer scientist Supasorn Suwajanakorn has been working on technology that needs nothing more than existing photos and videos to create 3D models of any person’s face — a model that “looks, talks and acts” just like the real thing…. The slightly creepy technology will allow people to feel like they are speaking to dead relatives — or could even be used to generate inspiring speeches from well-known authors and lecturers long after they are dead.

“The creative possibilities here are endless,” Suwajanakorn said in a recent TED speech. But unsurprisingly, there are some worries about technology that can so precisely replicate the features of any person in the world using just pictures and video. ………….. But unsurprisingly, there are some worries about technology that can so precisely replicate the features of any person in the world using just pictures and video. In the wrong hands, Suwajanakorn said the technology could lead to the creation of fake videos made with the intent to mislead people — in other words, fake news could really be taken up a notch.

“I am fighting against my own work, by implementing moderators to detect fake images and videos,” he said….. MORE

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