Surprising Truth About What REALLY Drives The Human Nature And The Dystopian Blockchain Trade Volume

After watching this presentation, achieving a money-free society is definitely possible. Exactly as this speaker demonstrates: when the profit motive outpaces the purpose motive, bad things happen.

Right, that surely explains A LOT about our $300 trillion global debt bomb and the rampant and systemic frauds, along with the destruction and pillage of nature. There cannot be anything truly voluntary when money is involved, it only is a matter of time for corruption to take hold. No if but when. If people knew how bad corruption is out there, we’d have a massive world stock market crash overnight.

The purpose of Life is not chasing money but contributing to humanity, with wisdom and empathy. Throughout the centuries, many spiritualists have warned us about this — and it is now unraveling in front of our very eyes.

And there is a GREAT upside though, this is extremely reassuring because it merely means that the human nature (not to be confused with human condition/mind control) is intuitively in SYNC with the Cosmos, Natural Laws that have established the subjectivity of value, and encoded it in our DNA, for us to work for a Greater Good. The Laws of the Universe are supreme and ultimate!

Libertarians and minarchists, like von Mises and Hayek, knew this. Even the Gold and Silver Standards couldn’t fix the subjectivity of value and, that is why today hard money will never make a come back, because many people are also starting to get it. Seeing the whole picture.

RSA ANIMATE: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

highlights: as long as the task requires mechanical skills, the higher the pay and the higher the performance. But when the tasks requires cognitive skills, a larger reward leads to a poorer performance…. what essentially drives the human nature are MASTERY, CHALLENGE AND MAKING A CONTRIBUTION. Humans are not profit maximisers but purpose maximisers. All explained in 10 mins (1.8M views)

Wall Street is absolutely fraudulent, and so are many other byproducts

Those who have researched the Bitcoin bust are aware that most people lost their shirts as they borrowed from their 401k, depleted their savings and even got bank loans to join the mania and fueled the insanity. We are talking of at least 65% of investors who took the bait. After the carnage, we can easily assume now that the top 10% of investors bought more bitcoins and are regrouping to form another monopoly. That is how it usually works. How wealth is being concentrated, through successive boom and bust cycles.

Follow the mood (psychopathy) of the market. A headline reads: Bitcoin Price Could Fall to $3,000, Says One of Crypto’s Most Bullish VCs… then we have this…As Bitcoinist reported on December 20, 2017, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee “sold or donated” his entire Litecoin wealth to avoid “conflicts of interest” arising from its growth. Interestingly, Lee sold the very top of Litecoin’s unprecedented pump — something which TruthNeverTold views as an obvious profit-taking exit from a nothing-for-something Ponzi scheme.

Wait it is getting worse….

Released this week, research compiled by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) gives clearer insight into how massively overstated the daily volume numbers actually are. Tallying up the volume numbers of the top 130 exchanges, the report found that over $6 billion in daily trade volume is being faked, comprising over two-thirds of the total 24-hour trade volume.

Dystopian War On Cash: Half of Britain’s Bank Branches Will Be ‘Closed Within Five Years’

Dystopian War On Cash: Half of Britain’s Bank Branches Will Be ‘Closed Within Five Years’

“It was apparent that materialism was in complete control of the economic structure, the final objective of which was for the individual to become part of a system providing an economic security at the expense of the human soul, mind, and body.” ― Manly P. Hall

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