Hacking The Future Is Our Dystopian Future?

This is darwinism, and it is being taken up to the next level, right in front of our very eyes.

Is DefCon the new technocratic “controlled opposition”? It surely looks like it. This new generation of hackers will be young, based on the yahoo article at the bottom page. Internet terrorism will just grow exponentially, but so will AI’s enslavement grid.

The hidden hand is aware that nothing can progress without a resistance, it is a Natural Law. In a peaceful society regulated by the Laws of Nature, the resistance is not external but within.

Hackers can use these skills for good or for bad, sure. Though we may assume that many of them will sell their skills to which offering the most, so it will just add another level of corruption to the so many existing ones. Or that there will be some fanatics threatening the planet with whatever mega threats. Hollywood’s predictive sci-fi filmography has been very creative as we all know, and in an environment ruled by competition, the worse case scenarios are not that far fetched! The warning that terrorists will exploit the (harmful) 5G network is already out there!

Those who believed that AI will bring about peace and a one-way flight to technological immortality are going to be disappointed as we move into this dystopian twilight zone. So far Earth Custodians’ predictions seem to be on the right path to come true.

Competition never leads anywhere but strengthens any top down structure, and will reveal itself as the tool for our civilization’s downfall. There already are many indicators connecting the dots, which this blog has established beyond doubts.

It become imperative to spread the word about Voluntarysm and a money-free society based on a resourced based economy — to prevent the speculation on Nature and human exploitation — before censorship makes it impossible.

Hacking the Future

Welcome to DefCon, the largest gathering of hackers in the world. In the crowd is Nico Sell. Sell is founder and chairman of the online privacy organization, Wickr Foundation. She’s on a mission to change our perception of hackers, from sinister antagonists to invaluable assets. She believes hacking is a superpower, and wants to make sure those powers end up in the right hands. So she started Rootz Asylum to equip the next generation with the tools to both thrive and protect themselves in our hyper-connected world. https://defcon.org/


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