U.S. Household Wealth Topped The $100 Trillion Mark For The First Time (Voluntarysim To The Rescue)

There are only two systems possible: centralization and voluntaryism.

So far the world has had much of the same: centralization paving the way toward fascism. Capitalism was sold as a 3rd option, essentially to make people believe there was a way to protect themselves from governments’ economic failures. Not so surprisingly, socialism also was “invented” more or less at the same time. The birth of these two ideologies in the 19th century, is not a coincidence.

Capitalism rewards money creation, aka profits, and this implies that consumption and demand are key. Consumption has also to ever increase otherwise the model crumbles down. Talk of a blackmail! Eventually this market indoctrination will have dire consequences. Fueling consumption can be done with credit, systemic plunder of natural resources, slave labor, increasing the war budget, social programs and corporate subsidies, etc. In general people will tend to spend more when hearing that the economy is good shape. The capitalist mirage only lasts while it can, as long as the real numbers are hidden from the masses.

Capitalism’s biggest flaw is “integrity” because it inherently uses whatever medium of exchange to centralize power by coercing people to compete or be left behind. Or more pessimistically: competing and being left behind anyway, should we rather say?

### *U.S. household wealth topped the $100 trillion mark for the first time ever in the first quarter of 2018, the Federal Reserve said on Thursday…. But let’s look at the value of the dollar now. So the real household wealth is 100 trillion x 5 cents. What gives???*

Freedom obtained by the participation in any coercive framework will sooner or later itself appear illusory or deceptive. Voluntarysim cannot work out as long as the majority is fearful about maximizing freedom and free will. Freedom (consequence of freewill) cannot be implemented, its enforcement is impossible.

The choice has to be benevolent, although being prompted by a deep sense of interconnectedness with the Whole to manifest peacefully, or violence will lead back to square one… a return to centralization.

Utopia is the only solution we can embrace to get rid of unworkable models. It is only when we push the imagination to the extreme, the unthinkable, that we find answers and our salvation. We cannot fix whatever problems with the same thinking that created them. And monetarism is today documented enough to observe its blatant pitfalls.

Voluntarysim cannot sustain itself without a high level of self-awareness. One thing is almost certain though: if there ever is a shift toward voluntaryism, the transition will be rather abrupt, regardless of the catalyst that may cause it. This because the current system is dying — slowly but surely.

Voluntaryism cannot be a “group think” because it is initiated by a self-realization that individual non participation in any coercive frameworks leads to a greater good. Natural Laws made it this way. And it starts with the comprehension of existential values that are immutable, not corruptible by any form of monetization. Moreover, it is the irrationality of materialism (attachment to things) and a lack of awareness which is preventing structural violence from being overcome.

Capitalism is in denial of such metaphysics and is thus an instrument for society to cannibalize itself over time. Here is the evidence. At least 3 or 4 generations enslaved by debt, providing that no new debt is being contracted. That was in 2008. The figure could easily be around 150 trillion of dollars today with all the “quantitative easings” that occurred since then.

>August 7, 2008 | America’s Real Debt Shocker: $100 Trillion Owed in Unfunded Liabilities: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2008/08/bill-walker/the-real-federal-debt/

Capitalism impedes the collaboration between man and nature as it regards man as being above nature and this generates a wasteful system, overconsumerism and overproduction, just for the sake of profits.

Man and Nature are cosmically designed to collaborate.

When man thinks that he is above Nature, he sets into motion his own self-destruction. That is why corporations will never fix pollution nor human sufferings as there is no profit for them to do so. Hence capitalism is extremely coercive as it forces most to struggle within these parameters, forcing the majority to have jobs they hate doing.

This psychopathic state of affair has also subverted the field of psychology, which deems unfit anybody failing to adapt.

Capitalism is above all an atheistic theory that even turns generosity into a financial venture. Hence the unworkable features of socialism. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that the latter are the two sides of the same coin. Because monetarism greatly amplifies conflicts of interest, charity never achieves its goal. There are still more than 50% of people starving on the planet and with no access to electricity and water inside their homes. That speaks volume.

If man refuses to think for himself or wants leaders because he is dominated by fear induced by the system, he will never be able to free himself, as the programming operates in a loop. He will get the karma he deserves. But that does not mean that the enablers of slavery, ecocide and structural violence have to be given a green light. Their strategies have to be peacefully exposed and shared to help advance Freedom.

Only a man can be a sovereign being if he chooses so. State sovereignty is a mirage because it must be enforced. Human sovereignty cannot as free will is a personal choice. The freedom of the mind determines physical freedom. Freedom has nothing to do with the “spur of the moment” but a Natural Laws’ based knowledge and wisdom since these Laws always win over and are immutable. We all happen to think within the Laws to find out about the One Law. There is no way to dismantle standing armies as long as people’s minds aren’t free.

Eventually all coercive dogmas will go away. Because the only purpose and meaning of Life is that Man must learn to be the Master of Himself. Dogmas have always been at odds with spiritual mastery. Everybody’s path is different, while all of them lead to the same conclusion: man must make sense of his presence in the Universe.

Today we have enough data to analyze centuries of turmoil our civilization has been through. And the latter indicate that nature and individuals must collaborate to avoid the formation of coercive structures, as it is selfishness and a lack of self-esteem which are at the core of any ideology of control.

Peter Joseph – Arriving at a Resource Based Economy and transition toward a money-free society


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