On RNA Interference, Karma And The Inglorious End Of Religions

Writing hundreds of pages about human conflicts and how to resolve them is no longer necessary if one grasps the 4 paragraph long transcript here below .

The Reality is that we are on freight train that cannot be stopped.

There is only one thing we can do, each of us respectively, as the train has not yet reached its maximum speed… is to jump off the train while we still can. But the challenge though is that while we cannot wait for others to jump off, a majority has to do it for the move to affect the whole.

World religions are toast because they have been used as political swords since ever, and now we only have ourselves to blame for. Jesus was right when saying he’d be with us til the end of the Age, that of Pisces.

The Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with the the metaphor of the crucifixion – martyrdom – but the ability to seek God within. Unfortunately, without the martyrdom of Jesus, the doctrine falls apart. It is not only christianity that sustains such paradoxes that make people act in their own detriment, but all of them. All religions. Hinduism warns against Maya, the illusion, and obviously it didn’t and does not help Indians either. We have a planetary religion problem!

The human body is the Temple Of God. In short that Man and God are One. Just as the rest of Creation. In this verse, monotheistic christianity obviously endorses the concept of Pantheism. Another paradox among many!

1 Cor 6:19: Do you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own?


Manly P. Hall – How Karma Works (Or Does It?)

There isn’t anything in life that is good that is lost, the idea a deity (of karma) has a book and writes it up for our advantage is not quite correct, but its a good symbolism, that is all. The book is in ourselves. the things we have done right become the bases, the growth and development of the human soul, the individual has done what is right, may have limitations, may have some suffering because it is difficult to live in a society that does not recognize right. But the individual is a passing soul in the society, he is born, he suffers and he dies, but his character and his soul return to Eternity.

Therefore he may have to sacrifice some advantages to ensure that he will be in a better condition in the cause of the future. This is why we look forward to a new age, a new age in one and which the entities of a previous generation are supposed to have learned something begins to come back into the foundations…. A person has the tendency to overlook his blessings in favor of his misfortunes… consequence is not merely punishment. It is the individual achieving that what he deserves…

we can look at the world as it is, and I think that most will realize that the world at this time is not governed by the best attitudes, it is governed by selfishness, by ambitions that are false or excessive, developing around an financial center that is unendurable, and it is also exploiting and destroying the natural resources, all these things are happening. Every newspaper has articles on them. Every individual knows something about these matters but he continues to ignore them, either believing that there is nothing he can do about them or that he is too busy with other things that he prefers to do. But the great working of Karma which sometimes brings a human being to the edge or chaos, is bringing the collective humanity of which we are apart also on the brink of chaos.

As St Augustine pointed out long ago… a human being has certain privileges of energy, there are things he can do and things he cannot do. One of the things he can do is improving himself. One of the things he cannot do successfully is to dominate other people. The moment he begins to dominate other people, he creates a reaction, another level of religion. Whatever religion goes out to proselyte and determined by force or otherwise to conquer masses of human beings, these religions themselves are in great trouble and ultimately will come to an inglorious end… (end of transcript)


Yet another so-called therapeutic tool… at best a new weapon to kill us in slow motion and/or create a new species. RNA interference (RNAi) is a naturally occurring mechanism that leads to the “silencing” of genes. In consequence, the respective protein is no longer synthesized. In nature, this mechanism is used for the regulation of specific genes and is also applied as a defense against viruses. http://www.ip-right.org/Right/rnai

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