Dystopian Survival: The Wealthy Are Plotting To Leave Us Behind

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Humanity trapped into the biggest trap of all. Yes it is the biggest trap of all because Knowledge is elusive and there eventually comes a point that if one does not grasp that, one’s life will become miserable. The fear of not being in control will prompt one to give one’s consent away and rely on “controllers”. Paradoxically it is only when man will quit worrying about his own elusive security that Knowledge will finally begin to serve a Greater Good…. more: http://www.earthcustodians.net/blog/2017/12/11/nobody-controls-anything-anyway-because-there-is-no-antidote-to-knowledge/

Survival of the richest: The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind | Douglas Rushkoff, author of “Team Human” | Wed, 11 July 2018

I’ve never liked talking about the future. The Q&A sessions always end up more like parlor games, where I’m asked to opine on the latest technology buzzwords as if they were ticker symbols for potential investments: blockchain, 3D printing, CRISPR. The audiences are rarely interested in learning about these technologies or their potential impacts beyond the binary choice of whether or not to invest in them. But money talks, so I took the gig.

EC: Rarely interested? See, yet another proof that “money” makes shortsighted.

“For all their wealth and power, they don’t believe they can affect the future.” The Event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, unstoppable virus, or Mr. Robot hack that takes everything down.

Most of them live in fear of an event. Clearly, money and security will never be bedfellows.

This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless?

Money has no other value than which we give it, its value is entirely subjective. The shabby secret of “bubble formation”… so every now and then, money happens to become completely worthless because speculation is itself a fallacy.

For them, the future of technology is really about just one thing: escape.

There is no place to hide when competition is the social framework, at some point one is NEXT!

As technology philosophers have been pointing out for years, now, the transhumanist vision too easily reduces all of reality to data, concluding that “humans are nothing but information-processing objects.”

Right! What Earth Custodians have been saying for more than a year now. Monetarism turns people into commodities. Forget about human rights. Every day we lose more freedoms because of it.

Digital platforms have turned an already exploitative and extractive marketplace (think Walmart) into an even more dehumanizing successor (think Amazon). Most of us became aware of these downsides in the form of automated jobs, the gig economy, and the demise of local retail.

That is one thing the Universal Basic Income will be good for… to keep walmart, amazon and the like going.

But the more devastating impacts of pedal-to-the-metal digital capitalism fall on the environment and global poor. The manufacture of some of our computers and smartphones still uses networks of slave labor.

Capitalism will never equate freedom, because for “crapitalism” (word borrowed from visitor) to work, one needs to take more than what one puts in… and this can only be made possible with slave labor and sustaining ignorance among the masses.

This “out of sight, out of mind” externalization of poverty and poison doesn’t go away just because we’ve covered our eyes with VR goggles and immersed ourselves in an alternate reality. If anything, the longer we ignore the social, economic, and environmental repercussions, the more of a problem they become. This, in turn, motivates even more withdrawal, more isolationism and apocalyptic fantasy — and more desperately concocted technologies and business plans. The cycle feeds itself.

Yep, only eliminating, getting rid of money will work… sorry folks

“The very essence of what it means to be human is treated less as a feature than bug.”… They were amused by my optimism, but they didn’t really buy it. They were not interested in how to avoid a calamity; they’re convinced we are too far gone. For all their wealth and power, they don’t believe they can affect the future. They are simply accepting the darkest of all scenarios and then bringing whatever money and technology they can employ to insulate themselves

Darwin was all a joke, there you have it.

READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/11/survival-of-the-richest-the-wealthy-are-plotting-to-leave-us-behind.html

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