Why Is Child Sex Trafficking Such A Taboo – Worldwide?

The last piece of the puzzle… simply because people will always point to the “financial/monetary factor” and since they feel like their lives aren’t directly threatened, they regard it as a necessary evil. Yes criminal “do” this because of money. In fact people can clearly see all the evils caused by money but still defend it because it makes their lives go round. This is the mother of all the paradoxes.

This world pedophilia pandemic is also the result of “moral relativism”. If thinking that another culture can abuse children because it is their culture (too bad) highlights the social scourge that is moral relativism. When the abuse is cultural, most do not see where it is wrong. The West will point to child bride customs in another country but remains blind to a 8yo boy sexualized and looking like a drag.

It is a taboo because it would force society to understand that what has remained unaddressed for centuries is now destroying the fabric of society and affecting all cultures evenly. Also people sense that it would bring about political chaos and cannot think in those terms because they are afraid to see their lives fall apart. So instead of acknowledging that their culture has a serious problem, they blame money for it or/and choose the conspiracy of silence. Money is the drive that makes people do “it”, yes, but we can no longer afford to avoid the question as to whether money has really made society better… SORRY… IT HAS NOT!

When are people going to wake up to the reality of the world? If we do not stand for the kids we don’t stand for much.

Peace in the world will come when we begin to respect children, ALL of them. The best anti-war argument ever. This is a spiritual battle above all, because it forces humanity to respect life as a whole. Life, and The One Source

Humanity’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: Starving, Enslaving, Torturing and Killing Our Children
By Robert J. Burrowes
Global Research, June 25, 2018

…… Every day, according to some estimates, human adults kill 50,000 of our children. The true figure is probably significantly higher. We kill children in wars. See, for example, ‘Scourging Yemen’. We kill them with drones. We kill them in our homes and on the street. We shoot them at school….

We also execute children in sacrificial killings after kidnapping them. We even breed children to sell as a ‘cash crop’ for sexual violation, child pornography (‘kiddie porn’) and the filming of ‘snuff’ movies (in which children are killed during the filming), torture and satanic sacrifice. And these are just some of the manifestations of the violence against children that have been happening for centuries or, in some cases, millennia. On these points, see the video evidence presented at the recent Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse organized by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

But war also destroys housing and other infrastructure forcing millions of children to become internally displaced or refugees in another country (often without a living parent), causing ongoing trauma. Worldwide, one child out of every 200 is a refugee, whether through war or poverty, environmental or climate disruption. See ‘50mn children displaced by war & poverty worldwide’.

Perpetrators of violence learn their craft in childhood. If you inflict violence on a child, they learn to inflict violence on others. The child rapist and ritual child killer suffered violence as a child. The terrorist suffered violence as a child. The political leader who wages war suffered violence as a child. The man who inflicts violence on women suffered violence as a child. The corporate executive who exploits working class people and/or those who live in Africa, Asia or Central/South America suffered violence as a child. The racist and religious bigot suffered violence as a child. The soldier who kills in war suffered violence as a child. The individual who perpetrates violence in the home, in the schoolyard or on the street suffered violence as a child. The parent who inflicts violence on their own children suffered violence as a child.


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