To Break Free From Being Commodities We Must Prepare For An Extreme Human Experience

While the Material and the Metaphysical seem to oppose one another, the two realms can easily be merged as the Material is a direct construct of the Metaphysical. And this means that humans cannot break free from being commodities if continually disregarding the Metaphysical. Because the Metaphysical will forever win over, no matter what.

Being at crossroads is neither Good or Bad as long as the odds can be weighed with the understanding of what is actually happening, as we speak the human experience is on rollercoaster that can only end with an unprecedented climax.

The Lifting Of The Veil Is Looming.

Acts of Creation endorsing the Immutable Principles and Sacred Geometry will never generate any profits. Profit seeking is meant to enslave and result in destruction, because we never can know the long-term side effect of every of our monetized findings. The so-called brilliant invention of plastic comes to mind, today pollution by plastic is beyond staggering.

The century-old consensus is that we can control the Material and it is precisely why that very mindset has lead us to the brink. Unfortunately it is impossible to manage the Material without the awareness of Natural Laws.

For about 1000s of years, humans have neglected the Metaphysical aspect of Life and as a result, Nature and Humans are now suffering like never before, not to mention daily getting closer from being silently assimilated by a synthetic form of intelligence alien to our civilization.

The whole system as always been designed to extract the most from Earth regardless of the pollution and destruction caused, and to maintain 50% of world population as an absolute rock bottom. Because the latter is necessary for some to remain at the top. The middle class has always existed as dream but eventually often got completely crushed by bust cycles.

There is no way to extricate ourselves from the trap painlessly.

Materialism has the habit to follow the path of least resistance and yes, something BIG must be given up… many are not ready yet because their “egos” stand in the way, but the momentum is gathering pace. Many today still think that it is possible to just look rationally at the picture to remove whatever pieces that do not fit into it, unfortunately there are wrong, because what needs to change is hiding deep within.

The only thing that can be done is to stop participating in anything that is (too) materialistic driven, because that is what the system needs to stay afloat as it only rewards money creation. Money can only be positive to get rid of it, hence spread the word that money must be let go, along with a New Premise For Human Rights and Economic Model based on natural resources.

A tough ride is awaiting the “human experience” around the corner , as Max Igan puts it.

Money Breeds Crime, Peter Joseph

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