Only Overcoming The “Psychosis Of Success” And A “Revolution Of Values” Can Free The Human Experience

A system that rewards money creation must generate debts, so it is simply impossible to avoid booms and busts, and wealth consolidation by a few (who always are far ahead in the game) as well.

Debt is a major incentive otherwise we’d have a near flat economy, with nobody being able to make profits nor taking over. Money without debt cannot exist.

The intrinsic flaw with money is also “trade”, because one needs to embellish reality to be able to sell ever more, and thus make profits. Eventually various scams will always surface. The system breeds fraud at its core. And a lack of integrity is what takes the system down.

The system breeds a mafia-like mentality, with groups fighting against one another.

Generally the system does not reward the creativity of outsiders, that is mainly why copyrights exist: to protect inventions from market swings and/or manipulate further the demand and supply at the consumer level. If the market was truly open to challenging novelties and continually, one would never be able to “bank” on any goods anymore, because all goods would potentially be subjected to become obsolete overnight!

What is freedom if it is only those who can afford it can get it??? (leaving that one for another blog)

It is monetarism that causes the left vs right paradigm. In a money-free society, right and left do not exist.

MANLY P HALL- SEGMENT FROM THE HARD HITTING LECTURE BELOW… after a time, this growing person begins to assume that the adjustment to the world in which he lives, adjustment in the sense of acceptance is of a primary importance. He is exposed to all kinds of conditioning. He must gradually accumulate an education that will enable him to make a living. He is impressed with the psychosis of success… there is something else and that may be described as “The Will Of Live” , the eternal Reality, which is far deeper and more important than all various superficial levels and structures built upon him. The only way we can approach this is to realize that we have received the full conditioning of our society and obtain physical maturity that perhaps, we will be able to pause for a moment and try to find out a little but more about ourselves. Usually this moment of pause only comes when physical or emotional reverses, breaks down the structure of the so called physical-material-industrial plan for living…. (must listen)

Manly P. Hall – Purpose in Life

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