Dystopia By Consent: Nobody Knows The Definition of Good Better Than The “Hidden Hand”

Voluntaryism means coercion-free, so the trick is to make people believe that they need redundant and useless laws. And what is where the Hegelian dialectic comes into play… (creating the) problem, (waiting for the) reaction, (come up with the already concocted) solution…

Voluntaryism from the top down leads to dystopia and from the bottom up leads to freedom. The problem is that money helps centralize power because there is no way to prevent people from banding together. So the “hidden hand” created the law that everybody is free to compete — to get away with it.

Indeed, we only can have Voluntaryism from the top down or the bottom up, and the “hidden hand” knows this. So all what needs to be done is to give people the illusion that they are free to choose!

Meanwhile most people have absolutely no clue that their brain is made of a right and left hemispheres dictating their (manipulated) emotions, a feminine and masculine side, which were given to man as a gift by The One.

Masculine and Feminine being the Principles Of Creation.

The “hidden hand” of course perfectly knows well how all Principles operate. The takeover was a real cake walk, “it” just had to invert them all to divide and conquer the masses.

This is the definition of “evil”: the inversion of the Good. And this means that only a thin line separates the two.

What is important here to grasp is that The One gave us free will to prove His Own Existence, so when humans choose to disregard His immutable Laws, they are merely setting up their karma into motion.

So if social education makes young kids believe that being “gender confused” is okay and that they are free to explore the other side of the fence, there is a serious chance at this pace that the family unit as we know it will have completely vanished in a generation from now. Maybe less than that.

Make no mistake, the current gender confused trend has only one main objective: to sexualize kids and market their sexuality as early as possible.

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The Principle of Gender


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