What You Were Not Told About “Self-Ownership” … And Should Know!

Unfortunately, John Locke was wrong, and all his followers as well. Monetarism is an atheistic discipline when used for profit seeking and, eventually things will have to fall apart! There is no if but when.

Please look at the picture of the Milky Way above and then think of the “right to ownership” for a few seconds. Can you feel or tell that something is amiss? 

(see: On Humanity As A Body, Self-Determinism As A Half-Truth And The Whispering Universe) 

Capitalism cannot function without taking more than what one puts in with the weapon called “financial leverage”, in short profit seeking by inducing inflation through corporate and private lending. This is, of course, unsustainable. Though in order to do so, generate profit, capitalism will need at all time to be able to exploit a poorer class… or rampant naivete of course. If a vast majority knew about the dark secrets of lending, we’d have a near flat economy. 

Capitalism theories are very astute because they claim that the right to compete is essential, so if one ever fails or refuses to enter competition for whatever reason, one is going to become poorer by the day, until one is left with nothing and homeless. Such a model is thus utterly coercive but promoted as a healthy framework! Such level of coercion would destroy any system from within. There is absolutely no choice here. And even if competing, one stands to lose everything every time a market bust (caused by profit seeking manias) occurs.

Capitalism has also institutionalized the “right to ownership” stating that every human has to right to own him/herself.  What it really entails is that people have right to regard themselves (and others) as commodities.  There is, unfortunately, no other interpretation possible.

But there is yet another faulty logic that springs from the “right to ownership”, and which is from the very moment one endorses this premise, anybody owning more than the average population will systematically owns those whose living standards are inferior. This dynamics is embedded in the “right to own oneself’. 

The “right to own oneself” is really a devious concept, when understanding this.  And it  explains why corporations have grown exponentially and stripped everybody of her/his rights to self-ownership!

There is no such a thing as the “right to owning oneself” because we all are parts, or fractals, of a bigger picture. The Universe. The “world controllers” have really sold us a mega illusion for several centuries, that is now turning our lives into a nightmare at every level. Because the tool for this illusion is monetarism, as long as we don’t get rid of money, nothing will ever change. 

The “right to ownership” condones “Owning Earth”.  When man thinks Earth belongs to him, that presupposes and comprises all life living on Her. Owning earth implies that anything must sell – including death.  Just look at the “war stocks”, they all go up every time a military action is getting closer. But since we all accept to be treated as commodities, there is no way to extricate ourselves from the trap.

“I own myself” is a direct consequence of monetarism because one must justify one’s possessions 24/7. But a non competitive society is (extremely) abundant since it is competition which causes scarcity and the manipulations of demand vs supply. Monetarism is a constant threat to integrity. Resource based economic theories are the path of the future in our view because they espouse the Laws of metaphysics mainly demonstrating that anything that is coercive is doomed to fail. That is where the human realm is very different from which of animals. Animals and humans just have another level of consciousness/awareness.

How Much Materialism Is Good? Materialism is good as long as competition is regarded as inimical and detrimental to the human species. Materialism only becomes immoral when used to buy ‘time or favors’ at the expense of others. Like taking more out than what one puts in. 

The Inevitable Paradigm Shift Upon Us. On a human scale, any form of competition is generally hazardous to Life, voids collaboration, humanitarianism and any social programs as well. The end of socialism and capitalism are nearing and non-coercive cooperativism, voluntarism, has to take over.

(see: The Danger of Hidden Knowledge And The Universe As The Only And Sole Authority)

Ultimately, The One Source regulates the entire Universe, one must be a fool to believe otherwise… or have decidedly chosen to follow the “dark side” — willingly or by ignorance. 

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